Essential Oils To Increase Breast Size

4 Essential Oils To Increase Breast Size

Essential Oils To Increase Breast Size Naturally

Increase the size of your breasts naturally. Many women have a complex about their breasts and, on occasions, they may have considered the option of undergoing surgery to enlarge their breasts and thus have a more feminine and sensual figure. But at One How To we want to explain that it is not necessary to resort to surgical intervention to achieve this result because, in nature, we find ingredients with properties that help stimulate our hormones, making our breasts grow naturally. In this article, we are going to discover the natural oils to increase the bust that works best and with which, if you are constant, you will see results over time.

4 Essential Oils To Increase Breast Size:

Sesame oil for breasts:

Sesame oil
One of the best essential oils to increase the bust is the one prepared with sesame seeds as they contain numerous nutrients such as protein, phosphorus or iron, among many others. Among its properties, we find that it is an ideal product to improve blood circulation and this will help us to increase the size of the breast because, with daily massages, we make these properties penetrate the skin and renew the cells.

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Sesame oil is often used among women entering menopause as it has regenerative and stimulating properties in the production of estrogens, the female hormone that is responsible for developing the most characteristic female attributes (breast growth, high voice, etc.) . In addition, it is a natural antioxidant, something that is also beneficial for our breasts as it fights cell death in the skin, making it look much firmer and more erect and, therefore, more voluminous.

Fennel oil for bust:

Fennel oil
Another of the best methods to increase breasts with natural oils is fennel oil and, in fact, it is one of the most used components in creams that are designed for this purpose. Fennel manages to give your chest firmness as it improves skin elasticity but, in addition, it is rich in flavonoids, a component that acts in the production of estrogens, increasing its production and, therefore, allowing a visible increase in breast size.

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You should know that fennel seeds are recommended for mothers who are breastfeeding as it helps to form breast milk and, for this reason, it is also considered to have properties to promote breast growth and improve uterine tissue. So, doing your massages with this oil is a great idea to increase your breasts.

Increase bust with emu oil:

emu oil
Another way to contribute to breast growth is through an essential oil derived from the emu, a bird. In fact, this product is used in multiple beauty treatments, such as slowing down hair loss, preventing premature wrinkles or deeply hydrating hair. It is a very popular type of essential oil in Australia and, now, it has reached our countries so that we can benefit from all its uses.

Among them, its ability to promote breast growth stands out since it acts as a stimulant for the birth of new cells and, therefore, regenerates and nourishes the skin in a natural way. It is composed of essential fats and manages to firm the skin of the bust, hydrate it and achieve a progressive increase in the size of the bra.

Wheat germ oil for breasts

Wheat germ oil
Another of the best oils is that of wheat germ since among its properties stands out its ability to improve blood circulation, something that allows the nutrients and oxygen transported by the cells to reach this area perfectly and, therefore, can develop and grow a little more.

In addition, this oil is also rich in vitamin E that manages to deeply hydrate and keep the breasts erect, without sagging, making it ideal to prevent the sagging of the breasts. It also prevents premature ageing as this vitamin fights free radicals, the main agents that age the skin.

Massages to increase the breast:

Massages to increase the breast
The way to use all these essential oils to increase the bust is only one: by performing massages. If every day you dedicate 15 minutes to massaging this area of your body, you will achieve that the properties that we have just indicated penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and, therefore, in 5 or 6 weeks you will begin to see the first results.

Carrying out these massages is simple because you will only have to put a little of the oils that we have mentioned on your fingertips and, with them, make circular movements over one of your breasts; These movements must be inward and you must ensure that all fingers pass over the chest. Extend for 15 minutes to stimulate blood flow and the nutrients to reach your body quickly, and then change breasts.

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Try to perform this massage every night before going to sleep to stimulate breast growth. Think that, being a natural remedy, it is important that you be constant and that you do not throw in the towel at the first change; It is a slow process but one that, over time, you will see results.

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