How To Increase Breast Size Naturally At Home Fast

How To Increase Breast Size Naturally At Home Fast-2022

How To Increase Breast Size Naturally At Home Fast:

If you are thinking, How To Increase Breast Size Naturally At Home Fast. Then, here is a deep explanation that will definitely help you. Keep reading, there are many natural ways to increase the size of your breasts such as Exercises, Massage, Foods and Herbal Supplements. This post will give you an insight into some of the best natural Side-Effect Freeways of breast enlargement.

Breast enlargement exercise:

These 8 exercises are ideal to increase the size of your breasts naturally.

1. Wall presses:

  1. Stand right in front of a wall and bring your hands to chest level.
  2. The palms of your hands should go towards the wall and with them you have pressure as if you were trying to move it.
  3. Now slowly but firmly, lean toward the wall, flexing your arms until your forehead touches it.
  4. At that point, return to the starting position. You can do between 10 and 15 repetitions.

 2. Arm circles

To make these exercises more interesting and increase the size of your breasts, you can incorporate small weights or dumbbells into the routine :

  1. While standing, extend both arms to the sides, make sure they are at shoulder height and the palms of the hands are facing the floor.
  2. With your feet firmly on the ground for balance, make small circles with your arms back for a minute.
  3. Then in the same way, but in the opposite direction, make small circles for one more minute.
  4. Gently lift both arms up and down at the same time, making sure the range of motion is small . One minute will be enough. You can do two reps by taking a short break in between.

3. Arm presses

Add small weights or a band to your routine . This will give the exercise a higher level of demand:

  1. While standing or sitting, extend your hands in front of your chest, making sure that the palms are facing each other until they are together.
  2. Then, spread your arms until you bring them behind your back and your back folds .
  3. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise for one minute.

4. Prayer pose

  1. While standing (or if you prefer sitting), plant your feet on the floor and keep your arms extended in front of your body. Make sure that the palms of the hands are extended, but together. Stay like this for about 30 seconds.
  2. Then, with the palms pressed against each other causing a slight tension, bend the elbows to 90º and bring your hands in front of the chest in prayer posture . Hold this pose for 10 seconds, with tension throughout.
  3. Rest and do three sets of 5 reps, incorporating short breaks

 5. Horizontal chest press

  1. While standing, extend your arms in front of your body.
  2. Then bend your elbows to a 90 degree angle with your forearm and make sure they are at chest level.
  3. Now, holding the pose, spread your arms as far as possible and bring them together again . Repeat the exercise for at least a minute to take a short break and do it one more time.

6. Chest press extensions

It is imperative to perform this exercise the use of small dumbbells. In this way, muscle development in the area will be more noticeable:

  1. Lie on your back on the floor or mat and bend your legs leaving a space between your feet and your buttocks .
  2. Then take a dumbbell on each side and make sure that when you raise your hands, keeping your elbows bent, they are in line with your shoulders.
  3. Now precisely stretch your arms and extend them in front of you. If this is your first time doing this exercise, you can stretch one arm at a time.
  4. Bring your hand to your shoulders and slowly lower your wrists . Make sure your movements are smooth and precise. It is recommended to perform 2 or 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

7. Push-ups

  1. Lie on the floor or mat face down, the palms of the hands should be resting on the floor, just at shoulder height and wider than the width of your shoulders.
  2. With your body straight, push it up while in unison your arms straighten . The movements must be controlled and slow. Remember that the body should be supported only by the hands and toes.
  3. Now lower your body flexing your arms and return to the starting position, extending.
  4. Keep in mind that you must apply a controlled resistance, so that during the execution of the exercise your body cannot have contact with the ground, with the exception of the hands and the tips of the feet. It is recommended to perform 2 or 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

8. Incline Dumbbell Fly

For the execution of this exercise, the use of dumbbells or small weights and an incline bench is essential:

  1. Hold the dumbbells making sure your hands are just above your chest, with your elbows slightly bent and your palms facing each other.
  2. Then lower the dumbbells by opening your arms, in an arch motion, towards both sides of the body. The elbows should be kept slightly bent.
  3. Once your arms are parallel to the ground, reverse the movement until you return to the starting position.
  4. Remember to perform smooth, controlled movements . 2 sets of 10 repetitions are recommended.

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Repeat the exercises to increase the size of the breasts

The size of your breasts can increase if you are consistent with these exercises . Adding some of these movements to your routine, about 4 times a week, will be of great help.

 Massages to increase bust naturally:

We teach you the best massages that will allow the growth of the bust in a natural way and without putting life at risk.

There are different methods to increase the size of the breasts , either through painful and risky surgeries, or through other activities such as exercise and massages that will allow the growth of the bust in a natural way and without putting life at risk.

Massages stimulate blood circulation in that area of ​​the body, helping to clean lymphatic drainage and prevent conditions such as breast cancer. In general, they are usually complemented with the application of laboratory creams or homemade creams, providing nutrients to the bust.

It is very important that without the necessary creams, growth will not take place, no matter how careful you may be with the massages, since these will be responsible for providing the nutrients that the breasts require to take a greater volume. The most advisable thing is to apply these products just before starting the treatment so that with the circulation of the blood, produced by the movements and facilitating the absorption of the nutrients.

The reason why massages are effective

There are many factors that allow breast growth with the help of simple massages. This is because with the stimulants applied with the creams they are conducted through the arteries, until they reach the mammary glands. Later, the veins move the blood along with waste and other toxins that are transported from the intercellular fluid of the breasts with the help of the lymphatic vessels. In short, its effectiveness is due to the nourishment of the breasts, at the same time that they are cleansed of impurities and toxins.

By removing waste and harmful substances, diseases such as breast cancer are prevented.

Procedure to perform breast massages

The following video is ideal to get an insight on how to perform a good massage to increase breast size. Although the material is in English, it is quite complex to locate specific areas quickly. However, below you will find the translation with the indications.

  1. Begin by using your fingers and gently slide them from the nipple outward.
  2. Follow the movement of the clock hands to the right and back, making 6 to 8 broad strokes, starting from the nipple to the outside of the breasts.
  3. One of the hands can serve as support, at the same time that it is used to massage the lower part of the chest.
  4. Next, it is important to continue the massage with sliding strokes over the entire surface of the breast in different directions.
  5. Next, change the direction of the breast clockwise and vice versa.
  6. Be careful to maintain the delicacy at all times so that the massage is not painful.
    Finish by applying pressure to the entire bust repeatedly.

Body Mechanics Massage

Considered one of the massages to increase the size of the breasts, it requires 4 different techniques to transport the necessary nutrients to the mammary glands, removing toxins and improving the support of Cooper’s ligaments.


  1. Use your fingers to massage with gentle movements, starting from the nipples to the outside of the breast. Ensure that the movements maintain a straight path and keep the pressure at low levels, so as to avoid flattening of the vessels
  2. lymphatics, which would stop the elimination of toxins.
  3. Continue with movements that simulate kneading, and apply pressure and lifting movements.
  4. Gently and slowly move the breast clockwise and counterclockwise.
    With both hands, apply moderate pressure and compression to encourage fluid drainage.

Bodymechanics massage

Oriental massage

Its effectiveness has been proven over the years and there are not many difficulties on how to carry it out.


  1. Take one of the breasts and direct it towards the center and the back of the chest. After maintaining the static position for a few seconds, with the help of both hands, massage with careful movements so that light pressure is applied to the bust.
  2. Next, place the palm of the hand opposite to the breast and carry out movements in a clockwise direction, trying to maintain light pressure on it.
  3. Place the opposite hand at the level of the armpit and make vigorous movements from the armpit to the breast, but without touching it.

Qi Gong massage

The effectiveness of this massage is not denied by anyone, and it is a good ally for women who are learning the different techniques of massage for the bust.

  1. Place both hands on each of the breasts, depending on which side of the body they are on (right hand – right breast, left hand – left breast).
  2. Make circular movements from the outside to the inside of the breast, but without touching the nipples.
  3. Next, apply small touches and with light pressure, from the outside to the inside of the breasts.

Qi Gong massageQi Gong massage

Recommendations to keep in mind

  • Do between 300 and 400 repetitions in the morning, after waking up, and at night, before sleeping. This usually takes no more than 10 minutes.
  • Do not forget to apply supplements and take infusions to maximize growth.
  • If your arms feel tired, lie on your back on a flat surface and place a couple of pillows under your elbows.
  • Decrease the intensity and avoid contact with the nipples in case of sensitivity.
  • It is normal for pain over the bust to appear, as long as it is similar to what was felt during puberty, since this is a sign that the breasts are growing.
  • Keep the temperature of the hands high throughout the session. If necessary, take a break to strengthen them again and raise the heat.
  • If you notice results after a month, use another method or change the cream.
    In order for the massages to be carried out without difficulty, a generous amount of cream must be applied.

Finally, remember that breast growth is a process that may take some time, so patience and perseverance must be maintained until the established goals are achieved. Perseverance is also necessary, since in some cases it is difficult to adapt to the different techniques; however, once perfection is achieved, the breasts will begin to grow naturally. Bear in mind that premenstrual flow and PMS can be altered.

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The Foods You Should Eat To Increase Your Breasts:

Those that are rich in estrogens and with high protein content should not be missing in our diet.

Some foods can become perfect allies for our breasts to be fuller and firmer.

The breasts are undoubtedly one of the parts of the body that generates the most insecurity in women and, even more so, when summer comes and we want to show off cleavage. At this point, we must know that surgery is not the only solution to show off bigger and firmer breasts, some foods can become perfect allies to show off a perfect cleavage in a bikini.

Realistically, if you include them in your diet, you will not be able to increase three bra sizes but you will achieve a slight increase in the volume of your breasts and that they are more erect.

Breast size is directly related to the functioning of hormones, so including foods that increase estrogens in your diet will help us achieve our goals.

These are some foods list that should not be missing on your table if you want to show off perfect breasts this summer:

  1. Chicken

It is rich in fibrostrogens and with a high protein content, therefore, it is undoubtedly one of the most advisable meats to achieve our goal. We should eat it two or three times a week.

  1. Parsley

It is perfect for spicing up meals as it stimulates estrogen production and even regulates hormonal disorders.

  1. Fruit

There are four fruits that will help us show off more voluminous breasts. Plums and apples control the production of testosterone, that is, the male hormone that inhibits estrogens. For their part, cherries and strawberries, although they do not have estrogen, stimulate the production of this hormone. Therefore, consuming them daily will make our breasts look more voluminous. It is important to eat them with their skin on.

  1. Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are highly recommended to achieve your purpose as they improve breast tissue. Include spinach, artichokes or lettuce in your diet.

  1. Avocado

It has 10 essential amino acids and vitamins, which help breast growth quickly. However, you need to control your intake to avoid gaining weight.

  1. Nuts

Walnuts and peanuts are also other of the best foods to increase bust. These nuts provide us with a large amount of vegetable proteins that will help us to better develop the breast. In addition, they are also rich in good fats, something that will increase the tissue in the area to be developed in a healthy and controlled way.

  1. Whole grains

They contain phytosterols, vitamins and minerals that enhance the volume of your breasts. You should eat them 3 times a week, avoiding cow’s milk. It is best to do it with soy or almond milk.

The components that must be present in foods that promote breast growth are estrogens and similar substances, such as isoflavones , phytoestrogens and amino acids , among others. Within this group of foods, 10 can be mentioned, which may be present in the diet of every day:

  • Soybeans and its derivatives : these foods contain isoflavones, substances that act in a similar way to estrogens. 
  • Fennel : this food can stimulate the growth of breast tissue thanks to its flavonoid content.
  • Cabbages : consumed regularly, they can also increase the volume of the breasts, thanks to the flavonoids they have.   
  • Alfalfa sprouts : this food is rich in minerals, vitamins and phytoestrogens that promote breast growth. 
  • Sunflower seeds: these seeds are high in proteins that increase breast volume.   
  • Flax seeds : the nutrients (phytoestrogens) contained in these seeds stimulate breast size.   
  • Fenugreek : This legume is highly recognized as a food with properties to increase the breasts naturally. Fenugreek contains substances that stimulate the production of steroidal compounds.  
  • Parsley: it is a vegetable that stimulates the production of estrogens and even regulates hormonal disorders.   
  • Avocado : this food is made up of 10 essential amino acids and vitamins that favor the growth of the mammary gland. 

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Best Supplements for Breast Growth:

For women who would like to fill a larger bra, but do not want surgery, there are some natural methods to safely and effectively increase the bust. There are many women who are not completely happy with what they see in the mirror. But, with a little patience and the ability to stick to a routine, these women can get bigger breasts naturally.

Surgery is a big step and there are some risks to consider. Recovery is painful and results are not guaranteed. Plastic surgery is not for everyone.

Even so, it is not necessary to resort to surgery to enlarge the breasts. There are supplements, made from herbs, that are effective, safe, and much cheaper. Read on to learn about the benefits of natural breast augmentation.

How supplements work to grow breasts:

The methods for breast enlargement are mainly based on herbal supplements that act like estrogen in our body.

Estrogen is the female sex hormone that is responsible for the growth of the mammary glands. Herbs and plant extracts that are popular for breast enlargement contain phytoestrogens.

In short, these are bogus hormones and they make your body believe that there is extra estrogen in your system. Extra estrogen means rapid breast growth. Although you have to be careful … as it can mean heavier periods and more colic.

Herbs used to naturally enlarge the bust are found in herbal supplements and you can take them one at a time or several together. Some herbs are believed to be more effective than others including; Fennel, Fenugreek, and Saw Palmetto.

You can find them in pills and creams for breast augmentation, which are made specifically for natural breast augmentation.

Pills to increase breasts

Such natural supplements in pill form are the best as they combine herbs and vitamins in a single package, thus avoiding the unwanted effects due to high doses, when we consume the herbs separately.

These home remedies for breast growth  include various herbs like saw palmetto, dong quai, blessed thistle, wild yam, and other plants like fenugreek, Pueraria Mirifica, marshmallow root, fennel seed, watercress, and dandelion root.

In addition to these plants and roots, eating large amounts of fat can help increase the size of your breasts, although it can also cause you to gain weight in other areas of your body.

Creams to increase breasts

A breast massage with natural creams with these ingredients can also be a good help to achieve larger breasts.

All of these home remedies are safer than implant surgeries.

Breast enhancement creams have become popular and most contain the same herbs and vitamins that you find in pills. Cream-based breast enhancement methods are sometimes more effective than pills because they are absorbed by the glands directly through the skin.

This is a much more direct route and many of the herbs reach the area in question more quickly. Instead, the pills will have to travel through your entire system before reaching the breasts and much can be lost during that journey. However in the long term the batteries are very effective, and easier to take.

Home remedies for breast augmentation are now available to those women who are frustrated with their breast size, as this complex can affect their lifestyle and appearance.

Can Supplements Increase Breast Size?

Yes, breast enlargement supplements can help you get bigger breasts. You don’t have to be worried because most supplements are made from natural ingredients and most of these do not offer any side effects.

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