How To Massage Your Breast For Growth-2022

How To Massage Your Breast For Growth

How To Massage Your Breast For Growth

Breast massage is an important part of self-care for any woman. Regardless of the size,
shape or any medical history of your breasts, touching and massaging them on a regular basis is an amazing way to keep them healthy, sensitive and happy.

Doing that will also help you cultivate a stronger connection to them since breasts are such a sensual and powerful part of female erotic anatomy. They’re a magnificent gateway to deeper pleasure, stronger orgasms and a deeper sense of sexual satisfaction. But I’ll tell you all about that in a moment.

How To Massage Your Breast For Growth:

So if you’d like to learn how exactly to touch, caress and stimulate your breasts for the best, most yummy results, keep reading! My name is Helena Nista and I’ll share with you How To Massage Your Breast For Growth.

Let me know! According to tantric tradition, the chest area is the primary energetic centre for a woman. That means that women are typically quite connected to their hearts.
They love easily, they love being in love (and in relationships), they love caring for others,
being wives, mothers, caring family members, great friends, etc. A big part of a woman’s identity is in her heart. She gets energy and satisfaction from her heart connections. For men, this is generally different.

Men are typically strongly connected to their sex centre, to their genital area.
Men find there their sense of masculinity, strength and energy. A man’s identity is strongly connected to his performance in the bedroom. When he feels that he’s a great lover, he performs well in other areas of life as well, like business and health, and fitness, and personal projects, etc.

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That also means that it’s typically easier for men to get aroused than it is for women.
His energy is already in his cock, in his sex centre so erections and arousal are usually much more effortless for men. However, a woman’s energy is in her heart. So in order to become sexually activated and juicy, you as a woman need to activate your chest area first.

Then that energy will naturally flow to your sex centre, making your sexual experiences (solo or with a partner) much more profound, blissful and fulfilling. This is not something that many women know about! A lot of women neglect their breasts when they masturbate, they just go straight for their genital area.

And during sex, a lot of men don’t actually know how to touch breasts so they usually cause more discomfort or pain than pleasure. So, ladies, it’s time to take matters into our own hands and learn how to activate and awaken the full pleasure potential in our breasts! And then we can teach men how to do the same thing for us.



So here’s what you need to do. Begin by simply holding your breasts with your hands.
Just putting your hands on top of your breasts and noticing, feeling, sensing. You can close your eyes here, take a few deep breaths and just notice the experience, the physical experience of having breasts. What are you noticing? What’s there? Next, move on to gentle vibrations.

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This is a lovely way to bring some activation and a sense of aliveness into your breasts,
particularly if you’re not feeling a lot at this stage. So just vibrating.
You can take pauses, vibrate for a little bit and then pause, and then vibrate again.
And just noticing how that feels for you. Using feather-light touch is one of my
favourite things to do. So I’ll start simply, gently stroking my breasts (separately or both of them together) with just a very, very gentle touch.

This allows for really exquisite sensations. Typically we’re used to quite harsh or intense touch. But this allows for that extra, extra beautiful sensitivity to come out and to be experienced. Make sure to not rush through the steps but really take your time with each one. Once you’re done with the feather-light touch, cup your breasts from underneath and then lift them and release them.

And lift them and release. Keep going. What are you noticing? Can you feel pleasure, discomfort? Can you just feel pressure? Does it feel neutral? Are you noticing anything else? Really pay attention here. Pectoral muscles are muscles located in the top part of your chest and they also like a bit of touch, massage and stretching. So you can use your fingers to make circles, either larger ones or smaller ones, with medium to hard pressure. You can make circles going in and up and around your breasts.

And make sure to do this for both your breasts at the same time. And after a while, whenever you’re ready you can switch directions. Going down and around, and down and around. Another fun thing to do is actually massage the breasts without any friction,
meaning that you place your hands on top of your breasts and then massage by moving the entire breast. Here also you can do this separately or both at the same time.

But I really like to do this separately because it allows me to fully feel the sensations in each breast alone. At this stage, you’re probably ready for a bit more direct nipple stimulation. So you can place your nipple between your fingers and then gently slide your hand up and down and across and in different directions. Nipples also like to be pinched between fingers. This can release a powerful wave of oxytocin through our bodies which is absolutely delightful. So use different kinds of pressure and different directions of your pinching.

Rolling nipples between your fingers can also work really, really nice. When you’re done with your breast massage, when you feel quite complete, it’s a good idea to do a bit of integration. You can do that either by simply holding your breasts and just resting on your back. I actually like to place my hands on my heart area and just close my eyes and breathe and feel. Or you can simply place your hands, your arms along your body and integrate with that position.

If you choose to, you can use a quality lubricant for your breast massage. I absolutely love my YoniElixir which is a lush, decadent and divinely scented personal lubricant for the ladies. I’ve linked it if you’d like to get your own. But if you prefer, you can also use dry hands, making sure to adjust the pressure of the touch to your own preference. All breasts are unique and have different desires.

So listen to your own body, experiment with the strokes that I have shown you here but also create your own if you wish to. Nobody knows your body better than you do so give yourself a license to play and explore. And finally, learn to treasure your breasts. I didn’t always love my breasts. I used to think they were too small, not perky enough.
But when on some level you reject a body part, you’re automatically disconnecting from its full pleasure potential.

So learn to appreciate, cherish and love your breasts. They’re beautiful,
perfect and magical just the way they are! And when you’re infusing your breast massage with a sense of joy, delight and connection, they will pay you back with much more sensitivity, sensuality and erotic bliss. I hope that this helps and that you start practising this massage on a regular basis. Please let me know in the comments below which stroke sounds like fun and which one you’re intending to try.

Have fun with your boobs, love them and touch them regularly. Please also give me a ‘Like’ to help my channel grow and to help this breast message reach millions of women all over the world. Have a beautiful, magical day and I’ll see you next time!