Massage For Breast Growth

Massage For Breast Growth-Apply this technique 2022

Massage For Breast Growth-Is it possible to enlarge the breast with the massage?

Massage For Breast Growth- Breast massage helps to grow breasts. In this post, you will learn how to do breast massage and why do need to do breast massage.

How to do massage for breast augmentation at home?

Massage for breast augmentation is the cheapest way to correct breast size. Its main advantage is the increased blood flow in this area, which increases elasticity and improves the shape of the mammary glands. It is an indispensable means of eliminating asymmetries in this area. A woman endowed with this disadvantage can get rid of it in a short time, using special means and massage techniques.

Massage For Breast Growth At Home:

To correct the shape of the bust at home, most often use a classic, water or acupressure. The choice of a particular technique should be carried out with its convenience in mind. The outcome of the procedures depends on the regularity of your conduct. To increase the volume at home, you need to carry out these manipulations daily.

Water massage

Water massageThe main type of massage that should be administered to all women who want to preserve the beauty and health of the mammary gland is hydromassage. The principle of this technique is the effect of a jet of water on the muscles of the thorax and the skin of the thorax. The technique requires precision. It is important to select the optimal intensity and direction of fluid flow. In the gland itself, muscle tissue is absent, and therefore it is necessary to combine jets of different forces for direct processing of the bust area and upper area.

The classic hydromassage consists of combining jets of different powers. For the mammary gland, it should be of medium intensity, so that there is a slight sense of resistance when the skin and water come into contact. To process the intercostal region and the area below the mammary gland, which is responsible for its elasticity and height, the flow must be increased.

It is necessary to make at least 10 circles along each zone in circular movements with an upward direction. You should gently direct the flow to the armpit, carefully drag it along the surface of the bust and bring it to the neck. A classic massage of the female breast is performed for at least 10 minutes.

Greater efficiency is achieved with the jet massage. Its difference from the classic method is a more intense effect on the chest muscles. To carry it out, it is necessary to energetically move the surface of the chest with a current of medium force in the direction of the ribs to the opposite shoulder. The procedure takes at least 15 minutes.

An effective way to get gorgeous shapes is to soak yourself in cold water or a contrast shower. The hot liquid relaxes the muscles, has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, cleanses it. Coldwater also activates metabolic processes and blood circulation, giving elasticity to the breast.

Water massage1

A non-standard but effective method of increasing volumes is massaging the female breast with seawater. To carry it out, you need to prepare a bath by mixing sea salt and liquid in proportions of 100 g per 1 litre. After that, being in the water, with a gentle circular motion directed inward, massage the surface of the bust.

The effectiveness of the hydromassage depends on the regularity of the exercise. It is necessary to spend at least 5 minutes during the morning and evening water procedures for the care of the mammary gland. This is enough to improve metabolic processes in the skin, increase cell regeneration. After the massage, the massage movements should rub on the surface a special corrective cream or one of the essential oils: almond, linseed, rosemary, anise, etc.

Classic Massage:
This technique is one of the easiest ways to maintain the beauty of the breasts. The regular performance of this manipulation improves blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, because it increases elasticity and tone, it stimulates a greater growth of the bust. Classic massage is an additional step in the process of caring for breasts at home and is carried out after hydromassage, compresses, masks.

Before it is necessary to prepare a mixture of essential oils of camphor, flax, fennel, rose, etc. Coconut oil milk massage, which has a rejuvenating effect on ageing skin, is particularly effective.

classic massageYou should not pour the composition on the chest, it is necessary to rub it between the palms. After this, the mixture is rubbed on the surface with gentle circular motions directed to the centre. Moving gradually to the intercostal and lower region, it is necessary to strengthen the pressure force and change the direction from the centre to the armpit.

classic massage1

The procedure is carried out until the components are completely absorbed, after which you need to put on a comfortable bra. In this case, the use of foam rubber clothing should be avoided. It is important to choose a bra that optimally combines the naturalness of materials, comfort and the ability to firmly support the bust.

The technique is based on exposure to active parts of the body to stimulate the body to produce the hormone estrogen and improve nerve conduction. Regular acupressure helps to normalize hormonal balance, improve cell metabolism, blood and lymphatic circulation.

It should be noted that this technique is different from other types of massage and requires special training. It is necessary to study the location of all active points so as not to do further harm to the body. Some sites involved in this technique are in the armpit, which makes it difficult to perform. To use this technique, it is recommended that you use the help of a specialist or a close person.

AcupressureWhen performing acupressure, the following rules should be followed:

preliminary preparation – it is necessary to perform several simple exercises on the shoulder girdle to increase blood flow and lymphatic circulation in this area;
you need to gently press the tips with your fingertips for 2-3 seconds, after which you will gradually weaken the force and press again after 2-3 seconds;
symmetrical points should be massaged at the same time;
During the procedure, the points on the neck are treated first, then on the back of the head, shoulders, between the shoulder blades, and the chest.

Taoist Technique:

This breast enlargement massage consists of gentle stimulating movements that stimulate the production of the hormone prolactin, which is a factor in the growth of the mammary gland in girls during puberty. To achieve a visible effect, a combination of the Taoist technique with special exercises for the development of the muscular system is recommended.

This method is considered as a breast massage to prevent various diseases. Their regular behaviour reduces the risk of pathologies in this area, the intensity of pain during menstruation.

essential oils

Proper Taoist massage is carried out using a special blend of essential oils: geranium, jasmine, lavender, chamomile, ylang-ylang.

The action of the first 3 components is aimed at eliminating chest stagnation, discomfort and reducing the intensity of pain. Chamomile oil is a traditional remedy used to calm and relax. Ylang-ylang oil has a similar effect. The resulting mixture is combined with the base component: olive, almond or grapeseed oil, necessary to give the surface firmness and elasticity.

To perform a Taoist massage, it is necessary to sit comfortably in a chair and adopt a uniform posture. This technique requires the implementation of smooth, monotonous movements, and therefore a woman should calm down and relax. To do this, it is recommended to include music to relax.

essential oils1It is necessary to place the palms on the surface and gently massage the chest in circular movements. They should be directed inward and be a multiple of 36. To eliminate breast disharmony, smaller breasts should be massaged according to standard techniques, and large breasts should be alternated in and out. In this case, the first gland will gradually reach the desired size, and the second will retain its shape. After that, she should place her palms on the surface so that her centre touches the nipples and gently press it 10 times.

Vacuum Massage:

Vacuum MassageThis technique consists of influencing cell metabolism, blood circulation and lymphatic flow using a special device. The vacuum device is an automatic system consisting of a compressor and a pump. Attached to the kit are mouthpieces of various actions and sizes that can be selected for mammary glands of any shape and elasticity.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, the question of how to properly massage with a breast suction apparatus must be resolved in advance.

The procedure for breast augmentation includes:

  • Applying to the surface a special means to correct the bust, nourishing cream or essential oils: geranium, rosemary, ylang-ylang;
  • Selection of the nozzle of the desired shape;
  • Tight fixation of the device in the mammary gland so that a vacuum is formed in the cavity;
  • Gently move the vacuum along the surface towards the armpits for 10-15 minutes.

This procedure is carried out intermittently for at least 1 day. Using a vacuum apparatus, one should carefully approach its settings before the procedure. It is important not only to choose the nozzles in the desired shape but also to set the optimal force of pressure on the chest to avoid the formation of bruises and stretch marks.

The advantage of this non-surgical breast augmentation method is a quick observation of the result, noticeable after the first manipulation. Its massage effect contributes to a significant increase in blood flow. It should be remembered that the effect of augmentation is observed only with regular procedures. At the same time, periodic use of this method can lead to thinning of the skin and the appearance of stretch marks.

Vacuum Massage1Massage for breast growth is contraindicated in the following categories of patients:

  • Age from 18 years and after 35 years;
  • Patients suffering from mastopathy;
  • In the presence of acute respiratory viral infections, cancer, pathologies of the Cardiovascular, respiratory system;
  • Bleeding disorders, the work of the hematopoietic system.

Massage is a popular way to correct the shape and volume of a bust. It should be remembered that even with the regular conduct of this manipulation, using special means, it is impossible to achieve a great result. Its task is to tone and elasticize the mammary gland. For a dramatic increase in the bust, you need to resort to professional methods.

See in our video a technique to perform breast self-massage for augmentation.

Welcome to our page for all lovers of a beautiful bust. Today we will talk about whether it is possible in a matter of days. How effective is the massage to enlarge a bust at home? And what methods exist for this.

Execution Technique:
All “manual” massages, with the exception of chi techniques, shiatsu, are intended to work with the skin and muscles. The basic rules are as follows:

Execution Technique

1.It is not necessary to massage the iron itself.
2.During the massage, you should avoid SAK (areola + nipple complex).
3.The massage movements should be directed outward from the nipple.
4.All massage movements should be light, not stretch the epidermis.
5.After the procedure, it is advisable to treat the skin with a special cream if it was not used during the procedure.
6.The massage course is 2 weeks, then you need to take a 10-day break.

Water Massage:
You need to adjust the showerhead so that the jets are full enough. You should work in a circular motion, clockwise, avoiding the areola area. After the procedure, the skin should be lubricated with a nourishing cream. This method improves skin turgor and normalizes blood flow in the mammary gland.


Vacuum Massage:
The devices for this procedure are very different. Some recommend wearing it for 15 minutes, fixing the mouthpiece on the chest, and sucking air through the pump. Others, electronically controlled, recommend using overnight.

Which method to use, whether to combine them is up to you. In this we say goodbye. Visit our website yourself and with your friends by sharing an article with them via social media.

Beautifully shaped female breasts always attract the attention of men and some women envy them. She is the most attractive part of the body of the fair sex. Large breasts are believed to be the key to luck in life. Women, feeling their attractiveness, behave with much more confidence, achieve goals and can easily find work.

Therefore, it is not necessary to be surprised that many girls are eager to increase their breasts. There are many ways and means. It is worth paying attention to the most harmless but at the same time effective method – massage.

The main component of the breast is the glandular tissue. It is completely covered with lymphatic and blood vessels. Massage, in turn, has many properties that act therapeutically and strengthen.

Vacuum Massage2

During breast massage, stagnant processes are removed, which is a good prevention of various diseases. The procedure perfectly affects the skin of the chest and neckline.

It is in these places, it is more prone to sagging. And massage techniques return elasticity, a healthy appearance, maintain their shape.

For those who want to increase breast size without surgery, techniques in which massage plays an important role are suitable.

The main objects to which attention is paid during the breast massage are:

The completion of the water massage is the adoption of a contrast shower. For about five seconds, the temperature of the water rises and then cools down. There should be several of these approaches.


The procedure can be done at any time, taking a bath or washing in the shower.
Massage as many times as possible. There are no restrictions Plus, everything you need is always close at hand and no special tools are required.
Not much time is spent, no more than five minutes per session.


In no case should the water pressure be maximized, as it is easy to damage the skin of the chest?
For fans to wash in hot water, this method is not suitable. High water temperature will lead to sagging of the breasts.

Corrective massage:
The corrective massage technique requires the presence of cream or oily oil. It is applied to the skin in a small layer. Three fingers are connected on one arm and for about a couple of minutes, they massage the breast in a clockwise direction, avoiding the nipple area.

Then, for about two minutes, a caress is performed from the nipples to the clavicle and shoulder. After two fingers for two minutes, cutting movements are made from the nipples to the outside of the chest. The right breast is wrapped with one hand and the second is done with patting movements.

Corrective massageThen these actions are performed with the second breast. The massage ends with a gentle caress from the nipples to the beginning of the chest.

The favourable time to perform this type of massage is at night. For the greatest effect, it is allowed to do it in the morning.


Corrective massage1


Improperly executed movements can lead to stretch marks and bruises.
Such a massage will take longer than the water massage, up to about 15 minutes.
The cream that remains on the body can appear as oily stains on clothing. Therefore, it must be cleaned completely or wait when it is completely absorbed.

Vacuum massage
For this type of massage, you must have a vacuum pad, pump, and moisturizer. The cream is applied to the chest, then, following the instructions, a nozzle and a pump are applied that creates a vacuum.

Vacuum massage3Pros

The result is visible after a procedure.
It produces a rush of blood and improves the appearance of the skin.
The threshold for breast tenderness increases.

The massage takes a long time, about 15 minutes per chest. Together, about half an hour for the whole process. Before following it, you should carefully study the instructions for using the suction cup.
You have to buy massage products like a pad and a pump.
Stretch marks may appear after using the vacuum cleaner.
The massage works only for one day. To maintain the result, you will need to do it seven days a week.

Japanese massage:
For the so-called Japanese massage technique, no additional elements are needed. This technique has another name: acupressure.

Japanese massageFor the correct massage, from which there will be an effect, you need to know the location of all the points. Their number is equal to 17. They are found on the shoulders, neck, shoulder blades. Press your thumb with your thumb for about 5 seconds and take a 20-second break.


No additional accessories are needed.
The time for a massage does not take long.
Great for a young loving couple.

The technique involves the help of a partner.
If you do not reach the necessary points, the result will not be. During the massage, it is very important that you fully concentrate and at the same time maximize relaxation.

Chinese massage
The technique is performed using two balls, which are pressed and rotated stimulating the desired points. The massage is done for 30 seconds, then there is a break. For the correct implementation of this technique, it is advisable to take special courses.

Taoist massage
The Taoist technique is quite popular. It is mainly used for. The execution is not difficult, the breasts are held in the hands and nine rotations are performed from the shoulders to the chest area.

Then, with the hands, the pressure on the chest is easily done by holding the nipples. When you exhale, the sinuses are released. This is repeated nine times, no less.

It is carried out in a cryogenic chamber filled with liquid nitrogen, under the supervision of a specialist. At home, you can use ice cubes, which are poured from various decoctions of herbs, with the addition of oils and fruit juices.

Many people think that due to the manipulations carried out, the breast will grow at times, but this is not the case. The increase will be about a couple of millimetres. But a taut, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing shape is the real result of a massage performed at home.

Exercise, which is aimed at the muscles of the neck, arms, chest, can visually enlarge the chest, due to which the posture is corrected. After all, it is about her that the fair sex does not think at all, that they want to have a large bust.

This desire is fulfilled on the condition of straightening the back and constant control of posture. If there are problems with this, a series of exercises that strengthen the back muscles will help. You can also wear an orthopaedic corset – you will develop the habit of an upright posture.

exercisesTo increase breast volume and tone it, sports such as rowing and swimming will help. Less effective, but it also gives the result, a good physical shape with dumbbells and arm weights. You can independently bring the breast to a more attractive shape with the help of a series of exercises:

  • Pushups. Perform an exercise, leaning on various surfaces. Starting with a small number of approaches, gradually increasing. You must do the exercises correctly without bending your lower back.
  • The hands are scissors. Crossing and raising outstretched arms.
  • The set of elbows in front of the chest with the arms crossed at the back of the head.
  • Mahi hands. Driving should be easy, but at the same time often.
  • In a supine position with weights in hand, cross and extend your arms.

Breast augmentation with massage during pregnancy and lactation. During lactation in women, their appearance naturally worsens. There are many massages that prepare the female mammary glands for feeding.

The massageThe main objective of these procedures is to maintain muscle tone and protection against deformation.

The massage is quite simple. Using the cream applied to the palm of your hand, take the mammary gland in your hands. One up, the other hand down. Lightly rub the cream on the skin.

Ideal for stretch marks. The massage is carried out for several minutes a couple of times a day. The procedure should be carried out half an hour before feeding. A contrasting or warm shower won’t hurt.

You can monitor the health and beauty of your chest at any time and in any situation that arises in life. The result will not take long if you constantly work on yourself.

Massage is not a procedure that significantly increases breast growth, but it has a therapeutic and restorative effect. If a woman performs the manipulation correctly and regularly, this will positively affect the size and shape of the mammary glands.

An additional “advantage” is constant monitoring of the condition of the breast and early detection of neoplasms, seals; This diagnosis allows the treatment of benign and malignant tumours with a favourable outcome.

The benefits of breast massage:
With the correct procedure, it improves the circulation of blood and lymph in the mammary glands. This determines the total saturation of the tissues with oxygen, making them healthier. The benefits of massage for the chest are proven by official medicine and are:

  • increasing the elasticity of the skin;
  • tone muscle fibres and strengthen them;
  • accelerating tissue regeneration.

Since the procedure must be combined with the use of cosmetic oils and targeted physical activity, the result will also be a transformation of the shape of the mammary glands.

How to drive for the rapid growth of the mammary glands
Massage for breast growth should be done carefully because the sensitive part of the female body falls under manipulations and they can be conditionally aggressive. Therefore, adjustments for the skin, its twisting and excessive pressure should be excluded. You cannot pull the skin from the chest, as this can lead to the formation of small and extensive bruises.

There are several massage techniques for breast growth that can be done on your own at home.

water1It is done during a shower in the afternoon, the water should be slightly cold, but pleasant to perceive. It will take as much pressure as possible, the jet is directed at the skin of the chest in the area just above the nipple. Then, within 3-5 minutes, you should perform circular, jetting motions, “processing” the area from all sides.

Repeat the manipulation for another mammary gland, and at the end, increase the temperature of the water (almost hot) and simply wash the already developed part of the body.

Water massage for breast growth.
Water massage for breast growth significantly increases muscle tone. In addition, the procedure relaxes and calms the nervous system, normalizes the psycho-emotional background and eliminates insomnia. It can be performed daily, preferably after the procedure, drying the skin and lubricating with cosmetic oil.

It is done using fat, with moisturizing and softening effects. Corrective massage algorithm:

  • Take some cosmetic product on your fingers and apply it in a circular motion to the skin of the chest, making an effort to rub. The fingers move clockwise with the transition beyond the mammary gland area.
  • From the nipples to the shoulders, stroking movements are made. The “rays” of the nipple diverge like the sun: up to the shoulder, collarbone, chin and opposite breast.
  • The fingertips move over the skin, imitating a “saw.” The areola of the nipple is not captured and the skin over the breast must be affected.
  • Hold the chest with your hand and gently tap the other with your fingers; the “rain” lasts 2 to 3 minutes, it’s easy and effortless.
  • All the above manipulations are repeated but on the other chest.
  • With two fingers, stroking movements are performed from the nipples upwards simultaneously on two breasts.

The procedure ends with the usual caress, which is performed simultaneously for two mammary glands with palms. Doctors recommend involving a loved man in his performance; This automatically increases the level of female hormones in the body, and they have long been known to positively affect breast growth.


Expert opinion:  Tatyana Somoilova, Expert in cosmetology.

This non-pharmacological method of breast augmentation is especially popular in China. Experts don’t recommend doing it on your own; Inappropriate exposure to active points can lead to unpleasant consequences and significant deterioration of health.

But if, nevertheless, the technique has been studied, then when performing manipulations, the following recommendations should be observed:

  • Massage is done only with the thumbs;
  • First, they act on the points of the neck three times in a row with a rest of 3 to 4 seconds;
  • Then you need to click on the back of the head 3 times with equal jumps of several seconds;
  • Then the points are processed just above the clavicle in the shoulder area – you need to press for 5 seconds, and after 20 seconds repeat the procedure;
  • Points in interscapular space (there are 6 of them) are resolved last.

It is impossible to perform acupressure on your own to enlarge your breasts; it won’t work in the right places on your back. We need an assistant who knows exactly the location of the active places and the rules of procedure.

It is carried out using a special device that can create a vacuum. Due to this, a strong blood flow is produced, which causes a slight increase in the mammary glands. Immediately after the procedure, this moment will especially please the woman, but the similar effect is short-lived, after a few hours the size and shape of the mammary gland is restored.

Vacuum massage can be done 2 times a week for 1 month. Too frequent or lengthy procedures can lead to the formation of a “network” of vessels in the subcutaneous layer, which will ruin the appearance of the breast.

It is possible to enlarge and form the mammary glands without plastic surgery, but for this, it is necessary to act on them in a comprehensive manner. The massage will be especially effective in conjunction with physical activity, diet and the use of cosmetics (creams, oils). It is important to carry out all manipulations regularly.

Useful video:
Watch the video on breast massage from a professional:

Buying a breast enhancement cream is easy. But you can do it yourself at home. Which are the best on the market? How to use it? Should I buy Chinese creams?

Useful videoBreast massage is a surprisingly simple and effective practice to heal and rejuvenate this sensual part of the body. This procedure does not take long and is done at home. Massage improves the lymphatic system of the body, accelerates blood circulation. Due to this, a sufficient amount of phytoestrogens enters the skin cells. There is natural stimulation of the production of the hormone prolactin. These positive changes affect the increase in size. Regular massage is a good prevention of breast cancer.

The body’s lymphatic system is responsible for the removal of toxins, toxins, and the production of new cells that kill bacteria, viruses, and cancers. Helps the immune system to be normal. This fluid moves through the body in three ways: breathing, muscle contraction, and manual manipulation. Without this movement, lymphatic congestion occurs, which leads to complications in the work of internal organs, weakening of immunity and intoxication of tissues.

Performing gymnastics is vital to move this fluid. During training, the muscles work, the breathing rate increases, and the lymphatic fluid flows through all parts of the body except the bust. The increase in flow to the mammary glands is minimal, as their tissue has no muscles. Self-breast massage in some cases is the only effective way to ensure lymphatic movement in all cells in this area (breast lift exercises also contribute to lymphatic drainage in this area)

Why is breast massage needed:

For breastfeeding
It helps to develop and prepare delicate skin even during the gestation period, providing elasticity and preventing stretch marks. After birth, it can reduce pain, milk stagnation, and the risk of mastitis. Massaging the female breasts significantly improves the flow and quality of breast milk during feeding.

To improve appearance.
The procedure can restore the beauty of the mammary glands. In combination with creams and oils, it increases the elasticity of the skin. Such a wellness procedure will effectively help to tighten the chest and make the bust elastic.

With regular use, it can give an excellent result, avoiding costly operations.

For the lymphatic system.
There are many lymph nodes in the bust and armpits, and massaging them can help stimulate the proper functioning of the system.

To alleviate the pain
Massage can also relieve tension and pain in the chest muscles.

For the early identification of breast cancer.
Breast massage is one way to detect breast cancer in the early stages. Detecting cancer in the early stages can reduce the risk of complications and aid in the healing and rehabilitation process. 25% of women with breast cancer found it during self-massage.

Contraindications to breast massageContraindications to breast massage.
Massage undoubtedly has a positive effect on the general condition of the mammary glands. But it is always worth considering a number of circumstances that may be contraindicated for this procedure.


  • open wounds;
  • sores
  • eruption
  • pronounced mastitis;
  • high body temperature;
  • contagious diseases;
  • intercostal neuralgia.

How to do breast massage:
To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, you need to follow the correct technique for its implementation and follow some important tips.

Mandatory application of oil or cream on the hands;
The skin in this area is very delicate, sensitive, so it is always worth using emollients and moisturizers. Application to the body is undesirable. First, rub the cream on the palms to warm them, and only after that proceed with the massage. This will make the process more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • It is worth starting the movement from the nipples, and then gradually moving outwards;
  • The movements should be smooth, without strong pressure;
  • Use only the fingertips to rub;
  • When massaging the bust with one hand, the other should hold it in the shape of a bowl;
  • Make movements in the direction;
  • Gently massage the halo to avoid irritating delicate skin.

The use of natural oils for massage is necessary not only for a comfortable process but it can significantly affect the health and elasticity of this delicate part of the body. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, they nourish the skin with nutrients, transforming its beauty.

Useful oils for massages:

oilsOlive oil – Ideal for hair, body and skin. Contains omega vitamins and fatty acids;
Almond oil – It has magical properties to increase the size of the bust. Almonds are packed with minerals and vitamins. This increases the growth of new cells with regular use;
Coconut oil – positively affects the normalization of hormonal levels. Coconut is a good moisturizer. It is effective for stretch marks resulting from pregnancy or weight gain;
Fenugreek Oil – Another effective tool for increasing breast size. The oil expands the pores of the skin and improves blood flow;
Clove oil – works best when mixed with ginger extracts, which has anti-inflammatory properties and is useful for treating oedema, redness;
Evening primrose oil not only increases the size of the bust but effectively treats other problems of the female body. If the skin is too thin, then it is worth using it, mixing it with other oils, such as olive or almond. Evening primrose oil perfectly tightens sagging skin;
Soybean oil – has the ability to increase estrogen levels in the chest;
Jojoba oil – The most used, because this plant is full of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, polyunsaturated fatty acids. Jojoba will not clog pores because its composition is similar to sebum.
Avocado oil: softens and hydrates delicate skin.
Massage for breast augmentation
Breast enlargement massage is the best way to give them a beautiful natural shape and restore their elasticity. Bathing or showering is a good time for a session.

4 incredible massage techniques to enlarge your bust:

Japanese reiki technique:

  • Take a comfortable position so you can move freely without feeling stiff;
  • Place the palms on each chest;
  • In a circular motion, begin to rub your bust inward. This means that you should rub them towards each other so that the right-hand moves to the right and the left to the left;
  • Press on the glands, pinning them down to cause a rush of blood;
  • In this position, continue the circular motion with the palm of your hand only, without using your hand;
  • Perform within 5-7 minutes, observing daily regularity.

Feng Shui system:

  • Make light circular movements on each chest;
  • Alternately caress the bust;
  • With both hands, pinch the glands from the outside in;
  • Take the chest in the palm of one hand and perform stroking movements with the other;
  • Squeeze each gland tightly for a few seconds.

Stroking technique:

  • Arrange the bust in one hand and the other lightly tap;
  • Perform stroking movements from the nipple upwards;
  • Then change the movement in the direction of the nipple outward.

Shiatsu Technique:

It is also done for the chest area.

The execution sequence is as follows:

  • Find a point under the bust along the nipple line;
  • Press for a few seconds and then massage gently;
  • Press on the point located between the mammary glands;
  • Draw a line down and up at this point;
  • Find a point slightly higher on the nipple by 2 cm, from it make circular movements, increasing the amplitude.

breast massageIn the following Image, a professional breast massage technique has shown.

Vacuum massage
For a safe effect, it will be necessary to carry it out in a cosmetic or medical office with the help of a special bra. But there is an opportunity to buy a device for home use. The result can be obtained in a fairly short time, but use a vacuum massager with caution, avoiding long-term wear.

All methods require dedication and patience. Otherwise, they won’t give quick results like medical options. However, they are effective, although they require time and attention, the results are positive and persist in the long term without side effects.

Breast massage after childbirth
During pregnancy, the flow of hormones circulates throughout the body, causing emotional and physical changes. Hormonal changes in the body can cause swelling, discomfort, tingling, tenderness in the breasts.

These symptoms are due to increased milk production and usually occur during the first few weeks of breastfeeding. The starting product, colostrum, turns into milk, which causes the cells in the mammary glands to expand. Stagnation of milk leads to serious complications. The correct technique for breast massage during this period helps to clean the milk ducts. As soon as this happens, the milk begins to flow freely, emptying the chest and producing a greater influx at the next feeding.

This procedure during breastfeeding requires special care not to damage it. It is forbidden to use strong pressure and shock, otherwise, the milk ducts may be transmitted and stagnation of lymphatic fluid or milk will occur.
Breast massage is an excellent prevention of mastitis and lactostasis.

The postpartum sessions will help relieve stress and activate the proper functioning of the hormonal system. Performing it regularly can help a mother deal with postpartum depression. The procedure relieves stress and stress well. It allows to quickly restore strength after difficult natural childbirth or a cesarean section.

Execution technique:

Breast massage after childbirth

  • Perform gentle and gentle spiral movements of both breasts for 1-2 minutes;
  • Supporting the left side with the right palm, massage the mammary glands with gentle movements from top to bottom. Repeat with the right side. Run 5-7 times;
  • Gently grasp the area around the nipple with your fingers, massage the bust along the lines;
  • Use gentle pinching movements from the nipple to the centre of the chest.

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