Natural breast augmentation without surgery

Natural breast augmentation without surgery

If you want to raise and increase the breast naturally, without undergoing cosmetic surgery, we give you the tricks to achieve it.

To increase breast size, you may be finding a way that is natural breast augmentation without surgery; there are entirely natural techniques that work very well. Many people prefer to go to cosmetic surgery centers, but it is not always the most recommended option since going through the operating room can pose a health risk. Therefore, naturally, getting breast augmentation is an excellent alternative. 

The herbal remedies to increase breast size include a wide range of herbs such as dong quai, blessed thistle saw palmetto, or, to name a few. In addition to these and other herbs, physical exercise and proper nutrition occupy an important place when it comes to outlining a harmonious body aesthetics.

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How to increase the breast naturally? 

A good option for women and men is who prefer natural breast augmentation without surgery methods to achieve their goals. In addition to gymnastics, maybe to incorporate herbal products into the diet.  Probably on several occasions, you have thought about having a size or two more of the chest to show off an attractive neckline. It is to attract people’s gaze or to feel more comfortable with yourself. Now we will show you how to increase the breast naturally that can help you achieve your goal.

Natural breast augmentation without surgery- Foods method

natural breast augmentation without surgery

The herbs with the most useful properties are the following.

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

This excellent fenugreek seed contains diosgenin, which helps the growth of breast cells. Fenugreek intake can be applied in infusions such as tea or externally on the breasts. It is necessary to mix the powdered seeds with a tablespoon of vegetable oil to form a paste to apply it externally. Then it is applied to the breasts with a gentle massage, making circular movements.

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)

This well-known wild plant contains estrogen and is also used to help breast growth. On the other hand, since ancient times, it has been the home remedy in the form of an infusion that was most used to promote milk production. But attention! It should not be consumed during pregnancy.

Saw Palmetto:

It blocks the enzyme 5-a-reductase, inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. This plant manages to tone and increase the bust because it lowers testosterone levels, making the breast size increase naturally. It is usually taken as an infusion or in tablets prepared in herbalists.

Pueraria Mirifica (Kwao Krua, or Butea Superba):

Its roots contain chemical compounds such as deoxymyrostrol, miroestrol, and coumestans. One of its many uses is to achieve improvement in the breasts; it is also one of the most common cosmetic products. It can be consumed as a supplement and increases appetite. Besides, it improves hair growth and has other rejuvenating effects.

Wild yam:

Native to North America, it is mainly used to control blood pressure and cholesterol levels. However, it has recently been applied to improve conditions related to women’s health and breast augmentation.

Diet high in healthy fats

Be careful with weight-loss diets; they will make our breasts also decrease in size.

This alternative of adding healthy fats to your daily diet will make your breasts appear bigger, but on the contrary, you can gain mass in other parts of the body. That is why this nutrition is not the most advisable because, in many cases, it increases the chances of becoming overweight, causing other health risks.

Another way, you can also get bigger boobs. We recommend some exercise to increase breast size in 10 days that can help you achieve your goal.

Natural breast augmentation without surgery-exercise method

natural breast augmentation without surgery

Exercises to start shaping your desired body

The main exercises to increase the breasts are aerobics, which will result in good toning, definition, strengthening, and increase of the muscular mass of your pecs, and are one of the best-qualified beauty treatments.

Push-ups and isometric contractions are very effective when thinking about exercises to increase the breasts. The latter consists of contracting your pectoral muscles without the need to extend them. It is accomplished by holding a towel in front of your chest with both arms extended and apart.

Then you have to pull the towel in opposite directions as if we were trying to split it in half. You have to hold the position for a few seconds, then relax and repeat the effort, generating a small pulsating pressure throughout your chest.

Two good practices to show off a chest with more volume

Push-ups as a base: Stand on the floor in a plank position and support your hands about 25º turned inward to avoid injuring your wrists. You must raise your body until you can extend your arms.

Once this position is achieved, gradually raise and lower, always keeping your back straight. Repeat this exercise 10 times with two sets each.


Strength exercise: Lie down on a mat. Take a pair of dumbbells and hold one with each hand. Next, flex your arms by placing the dumbbells close to your chest, then stretch your arms and bring them up to shoulder height, flex your arms again, bringing them to the starting position. Perform this exercise 10 times with three sets to strengthen the breast area

In conclusion, these natural methods, both herbal and physical exercises, are effective, but you must be aware that they require time and consistency to achieve the desired results. If you really want to show off a beautiful breast, go ahead and follow our advice, and don’t give up!

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