Causes of Hair Loss

Common Causes of Hair Loss And Natural Solution

Common Causes of Hair Loss And Natural Solution

There are many causes of hair loss affecting modern men and women. Some causes of hair loss are unique to male or female only. The universal causes of hair loss are those that affect both male and female. Examples are hair loss due to genetic reasons, hair loss due to medication or medical treatment and poor health or diet. One of the most common causes of hair loss for both men and women is hair follicle damage. Hair follicle damage can be due to environmental reasons and hair care methods. Some causes of hair follicle damage are hard to avoid while in some cases, simply changing hair care and grooming techniques can effectively prevent hair loss.

The Causes of Hair Follicle Damage

Causes of Hair Loss Hair Follicle

Serious hair follicle damage can occur as a result of excessive use of chemicals, heat damage and poor follicular health leading to breakage of the hair. These causes of hair loss can be easily remedied to prevent further hair loss.

The use of grooming and styling product on the hair, such as gels, mousses and hair sprays was once exclusive to female. Nowadays, both men and women use hair chemicals for their daily grooming. These harsh chemicals can become one of the common causes of hair loss when applied excessively to the extent that hair follicle damage occurs. Hair follicles are unable to produce new hair if the chemicals burn, damage or kill off the hair follicle.

Applying excessive heat to the hair is another common cause of hair loss for both men and women. Using a hairdryer at a high heat setting can easily damage the hair follicle. As a result hair growth from these damaged hair follicles may be slow and stunted. With repeated application of excessive heat, the damaged hair follicle may also die off.

Rough hair brushing can cause hair follicular breakage thereby causing hair loss. The breakage occurs when hair is repeatedly pulled and ripped during the act of brushing. Repeated damage to the hair follicle will limit the growth of new hair. Hair follicle damage from brushing can occur when brushing both dry and wet hair although wet hairs are more susceptible to damage. Conditions like hair knots and tangles are common causes of hair loss due to follicle breakage.

How to Prevent Excessive Hair Loss?

To prevent excessive hair loss, keep your usage of hair chemical to a minimum. When drying your hair, use the lowest heat setting on your hairdryer and take care when brushing your hair. Adhering to these simple steps can keep the most common causes of hair loss to a minimum.

Helpful Tips For Preventing Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss 1Here are some useful tips for preventing hair loss. These tips involve the way that you treat your hair in daily life. As well as tips about diet and nutrition that are helpful for keeping your hair and scalp healthy. Preventing hair loss may simply mean changing the way you treat and nourish your hair. When you take these steps for preventing hair loss, your hair will seem fuller as the new hair grows to replace those which were lost previously.

Firstly, do not stress wet hair. Hair is most vulnerable to breakage when it is wet. You must always handle your wet hair gently. Dry them as soon as possible with a towel. Brush or comb your wet hair gently, working from the bottom up. By combing from the bottom up, you can avoid dragging the bristles through the knots. This will smoothen your hair without too much hair loss.

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If you swim regularly, do note that the chlorine and other harsh chemicals that are used in many swimming pools can weaken your hair shaft. It will be easily broken off when tugged. Combined with exposure to the sun, the potential damage to your hair will double. The sun will tend to dry out your hair and bleach it. To protect your hair with a cap and rinse off immediately after your swim.

Your hair will be exposed to the elements or chemicals such as bleach and chlorine, so take steps to condition your hair regularly. A good conditioner will fill gaps in the shaft and make it stronger. If you colour or bleach your hair, you should use milder formulas or natural ingredients to avoid getting harsh chemicals on your scalp and hair.

Your choice of hairstyling tools and accessories can also cause stress to the hair shafts. You should buy blow dryers that do not get too hot. You should also avoid stiff nylon brushes and combs with the teeth set too close together. Do not use sharp-edged plastic hair accessories that can cause a tear in the hair. When you need to tie your hair back, do not pull hair tightly in braids. Use covered elastics to tie your hair because rubber elastics will pull your hair out.

When your diet is well balanced with the right nutrition, your scalp and hair will be healthy. Vitamins that are known to aid in hair maintenance include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, biotin, inositol, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. The minerals that are beneficial to your hair include calcium, chromium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium, silica, sulfur and zinc.

Preventing hair loss is simple when you follow these hair care tips. Although everyone loses hair every day, you can prevent excessive hair loss. So be gentle with your hair and condition it regularly, your hair shafts will more resistant to hair breakage and hair loss.

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