How to make hair grow faster

How to make hair grow faster

How to make hair grow faster

Healthy hair tends to grow faster, so try these tips and you will notice the difference. Some home remedies are for consumption, while others are applied topically to the scalp.

Green tea. This infusion has numerous health benefits. One of them is precisely its contribution of nutrients to the hair to make it grow quickly and prevent its fall. Drink a cup of green tea every morning for a month and enjoy its properties.

Olive oil. This oil promotes healthy hair growth and strengthens it giving it vitality. Being rich in unsaturated fatty acids, it protects the integrity of hair cells and preserves their hydration. Your hair will never have that battered and frayed look that so many headaches cause women. This home remedy only requires heating olive oil with a tablespoon of rosemary for one minute. Leave to marinate for 48 hours. Apply on the roots and ends for 20 minutes and remove with shampoo.

Egg mask. Beat 1 egg, add a banana, stir until a homogeneous mixture is left and leave to act for 20 minutes. Rinse with your usual shampoo and apply a conditioner.

Water with lemon. Lemon is a conditioner that prevents frizz, stimulates hair growth because it regulates the fat that obstructs the hair follicles and provides antioxidant vitamins that nourish it intensely. Add a couple of tablespoons and leave to act for a quarter of an hour. Remove with plenty of water. You can do this natural treatment once a week (two if you have very oily hair).

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Onion. The onion is very nutritious, all you have to do is cut it into very small pieces and add it to the shampoo. Wait a week and you will have a new formula that will strengthen the hair and make it grow much faster.

Eat more protein. Eat brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, milk, and two slices of turkey for breakfast. This will start the day with more energy.

Honey and aloe vera. Extract the juice to an aloe vera leaf, combine it with a tablespoon of honey and spread it well on the scalp. Wait 15 minutes and remove with warm water.

Tomato and avocado. On a bowl, put a tomato, the pulp of an avocado, half a tablespoon of olive oil and a few drops of aloe. Crush, leave for half an hour and rinse.

Some tricks to make the hair believe in less time

balance diet

Apart from the home remedies that I have mentioned above, it is important to change some habits that the only thing they do is mistreat your hair. Keep in mind the following tips to make hair grow fast and healthy.

Take more vitamins. Most of the time, hair loss is due to a vitamin deficiency. Eat foods like avocado, oranges, tangerines, apples, vegetable oils, nuts, fish, and lean meats.

Improve your diet. A balanced diet considerably influences the appearance of the hair, so it avoids industrial pastries, eats healthy, fresh, and natural foods. Avoid processed products and sugary drinks.

Hair massages. To get hair to grow faster, it is important that there is good circulation in the follicles. To do this, spend 15 minutes a day massaging the head with your fingertips. Do it while you apply a mask, or just when you’re watching TV on the couch.

Cut the ends every month and a half. It may seem contradictory, but if the hair has split ends its appearance is much less healthy. If you cut them, their growth will be more accelerated.

Do not damage the hair. Try to use the irons and the dryer as little as possible, reduce the consumption of hair dyes, since they are very aggressive products, and when you shower, use warm or cold water since hot water causes damage to the filaments.

Don’t stress. Remember that stress is a factor that causes hair loss.

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