Amazing 6 tips to eliminate acne forever

You are facing an acne problem. Acne is usually a real inconvenience for people who suffer from it. Although it is associated with the stage of adolescence, the truth is that adults also suffer. By affecting such a visible part of the body like the face, acne becomes more difficult to cope with. Hence, people with acne feel the urgent need to look for options that help them eliminate it.


Here are some tips that could be of great help to achieve this goal.

What is acne and why does it appear

Acne is a chronic inflammatory condition of the skin that is characterized by the formation of pimples, papules, pustules, nodules, and scars.

Although its cause is unknown, it is a fact that appears because the sebaceous glands work excessively. The result is an accumulation of fat, dead cells, and bacteria on the skin. This results in turn, the inflammation of the hair follicle and the sebaceous glands themselves.

Depending on their severity, they are classified into four different types: mild, moderate, severe and very severe.

6 tips to eliminate acne

1. Hydrate

Drinking 2 liters of water per day, helps eliminate toxins that we have in the blood through urine. And, by extension, it helps us get rid of the waste substances found in the epidermis through sweat.

It is estimated that 72% of the skin is water. Hence the importance of restoring the body’s hydration levels. This is something indispensable not only to eliminate acne but to have healthy skin.

2. Watch your eating habits

Your diet directly influences skin health. Fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables, nourish and beautify the skin. On the other hand, those made with sugars, flour, refined oils or saturated fats have the opposite effect on them.

However, it is common for sugary cereals, pastries, pastries, chocolates, cookies, jams, and similar products to be part of our diet. In addition to having an affordable price, they save us the time we would devote to preparing others instead.

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All this, added to how tasty they are, explains how difficult it is to change the habit of eating them. However, let’s stop to think only of some of the health problems that a diet rich in this type of food usually brings:

  • The appearance of unwanted acne
  • Increase in insulin levels
  • Impaired androgen production
  • Excess fat on the skin

3. Do not put on makeup every day

Although makeup is ideal to enhance those facial features that favour us, it is convenient to attend to these considerations:

  • Whenever possible, choose quality cosmetic products.
  • Within the wide range of this type of products that exist, try to choose those that are most suitable for your skin.
  • Remove makeup daily carefully, using a sterile cotton disc and a good make-up remover.
  • When you have completely removed it, tone the complexion with the help of a quality facial tonic.
  • At least, value the possibility of not applying makeup one day a week. That way you will get your face to rest.

4. Maintain proper facial hygiene

Nothing is more advisable to alleviate acne than to keep the skin free of impurities. Hence, it is so important to wash your face frequently with warm water and neutral soap.

To remove the makeup, use a soft cream appropriate for your skin type. Never stop removing, at the end of the day, waste with a clean towel with soft and small touches on the skin. In this way, you will avoid remaining fat residue on the skin and subsequent irritation.

You could complete this care with the application a scrub once a week. While there are numerous options in the market, we recommend those that you could prepare with papaya, rose water or yogurt.

If you are interested in expanding information on this particular topic, do not hesitate to read about the incredible properties of the papaya mask .

5. Sleep as necessary

Sleeping no less than 7 hours a day provides the body with the necessary rest while facilitating the detoxification of the skin. Did you know that when we sleep, our excretory system works the most? Hence the need for cleaning in the morning.

Well, a  good rest will help you, among other things, to:

  • Avoid the appearance of undesirable dark circles
  • Remove acne
  • Improve your performance and concentration

In case you can’t sleep those 7 hours at night, try taking a little nap during the day. The nap should last between 20 minutes and 40 minutes.

6. Check what medications you take

In some cases, this condition is not due to a lack of rest or poor diet. Indeed, there are cases in which acne is associated with the intake of certain medications. One of the most common is birth control supplements.

If this is your case, before you stop taking them, it is very important that you consult your doctor. Keep in mind that sometimes acne appears only in the first weeks. Then, when the body has adapted to the medication, it disappears without further ado.

If it happens that acne does not decrease over the weeks,  you may also ask your doctor for an alternative drug. This could be a possible solution that would prevent acne from becoming a problem.

7. Do not neglect your routine to eliminate acne

Steps for acne skin

Never give up. Many people, in fact, give up their attempt to reduce or eliminate acne. That is not your case. You see how really simple it can be to combine it. It is true that the results may take a while to arrive, but in time you will notice a clear improvement.

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