Whitening Skin Naturally Home Remedies

Whitening Skin Naturally Home Remedies

Whether you have darker or lighter skin, you have surely thought more than once about whitening it without having to use cosmetics.

The white complexion brings youth and an unusual sweetness, in addition, it erases and conceals the spots and the pimples to have shinier skin every day. There are some natural remedies to whiten it.

Lemon juice

Whether we take it or apply it a little like a mask, we can whiten the skin in a better way. Then we must wash our face with cold water to repeat the operation another day.

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In addition, lemon has vitamin C and citric acid, which gives us various benefits such as helping cell renewal.

Apple vinegar

Actually, apple cider vinegar is a perfect remedy for many skin conditions. It contains acidic pH, so it allows us to close the pores and achieve smoother and brighter skin. We can make use of cotton that we will soak with apple cider vinegar and apply it directly to the face. We let it act for a few minutes as a mask and then we will wash our face with cold water.


The fact of being able to bathe with milk is quite well known. You can do this or apply it directly to the face. Milk bleaches the skin and also eliminates pimples and blackheads on the face. It also works well for removing dead skin cells.


Yoghurt is great for various remedies. In this case, we can use it mixed with other ingredients in order to make a homemade mask. We apply it to the face and let it rest for a few minutes. Provides softness and the complexion will appear clearer.

Aloe vera

In the same way as apple cider vinegar, aloe vera is a plant that does a lot of things. It is usually used in beauty treatments to alleviate some problems, such as bleaching the skin. Among its properties, it provides nutrition and hydration to the skin.


Chamomile is commonly used for drinking, but it is also good for lightening the skin and reducing puffiness in the eyes.

Avocado oil

Avocado oil helps to remove makeup remains, provides softness and hydration and also clarifies the skin thanks to being a good natural beauty remedy.

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