High Fiber Fruits You Should know about

High Fiber Fruits You Should know about-2021

High Fiber Fruits You Should know about…

More Fiber….More Health, You might have heard this from ancestors. Fiber is found in many fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes and is best known for prevention or remedy for constipation. Beyond good digestion these fiber foods also helps in weight loss, maintain a healthy body and decreasing your risk for many diseases i.e diabetes, heart disorders etc. Choosing fiber fruits are not so difficult, following there is list of high fiber fruits, those you can get easily from market. For sure you have been using these fruits in your daily life but you might not be aware of their benefits.

1) Apple : Apples are very high-fiber fruit and the fiber is mostly located in its seeds and skins. These kinda fiber plays an important role in keeping your heart healthy, control of glucose in blood etc.

2) Banana: As we are discussing the role of fiber in relieving from constipation, basically Fiber-rich foods helps to stimulate your bowels. Banana is one of the high fiber fruit.

3) Figs: Figs are also known as effective remedy for constipation. Washing dried figs for overnight in hot water, in morning eat them first also drink the all water in which figs were soaked. Its better to repeat the process in evening as well for continuous 3-4 weeks.

4) Oranges: Orange is quite beneficial, its good to add orange in routine diet if you are suffering from constipation, its suggested to take 1-2 oranges at bedtime and again in the morning, it is best way to stimulate the bowels.

5) Papaya: Papaya is another fruit that is counted as best home remedy for constipation, if added in daily diet, it will relive from the problem for sure.

6) Pineapple: Yes its fact you’ve heard right, Pineapple juice is one of the best home remedy to regulate digestive system and avoid constipation for sure. It also has an endless list of other health benefits.

7) Pear: Pears are very effective in the treatment of constipation. constipation Patients must fruit or it’s juice in their diet, adding pear in daily diet will really be helpful.

Normally constipation occurs because of different reasons like Stress, lack of exercise, artificial food sweeteners, spicy food, hard n dry food and a diet that lacks fibers. Its better not to ignore this problem because it can lead to many diseases from small to serious chronic diseases. The above discussed fruits are few from the easy available remedies for same but once should consult with Dr. if he doesn’t gets relief from constipation through all these.

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