8 steps to be a healthy person

Building habits that are beneficial to your physical and mental health will allow you to fully enjoy life. Many times there is the intention to lead a healthy life, but we do not know where to start. The question everyone asks is: what do I have to do to lead a healthy life?

It is not that difficult, you should only have three basic pillars: good nutrition, moderate exercise and rest. Today we are going to tell you nine habits or things to do to start a healthy life. By changing or acquiring the habits that we propose, you achieve the goal you want. You just have to suggest it:

8. Lose weight little by little.

Eliminating 10 to 15 pounds if you weigh 200 pounds can make a big difference in helping to prevent type 2 diabetes. If our Body Mass Index is greater than 25, we should start worrying, but if it is greater than 30 we are exposed to a significant risk of suffering cardiovascular problems and we should lose weight as soon as possible.

7. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

These foods are what will provide us with a large part of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, essential nutrients for the normal development of the organism. Try that at any main meal there is at least one food from each group.

6. Stop smoking.

Neither little nor much, tobacco is harmful to the arteries. In addition, it wrinkles the skin, stains the teeth and may increase the risk of cancer.

5. Drink water.

65 percent of the body is water, so it is advisable to increase its consumption. In exercise, hydration is essential before during and after practice.

4. Beware of fats.

Although they are necessary, since they are a good source of energy and essential nutrients, they should not be abused, especially saturated ones, since they increase the risk of certain heart diseases.

3. Physical exercise is paramount.

The physical conditioning is convenient, beyond its benefits, for its contribution to the integral formation of the person and the development of tranquility.

2. Decrease sugar consumption.

Many people consume simple or refined sugars (sugar, candy, cookies, sugary drinks) in larger quantities than recommended, leaving aside fruits, vegetables that contain the necessary sugar.

1.Rest. Forget about stress.

Organizing time is essential to take advantage of it, find more personal time, and fundamentally, sleep at least eight hours. The body will thank you.

Remember that making this type of change in small steps can help you reach your blood sugar (glucose) and blood pressure goals to prevent diabetes-related health problems.

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