how to start living a healthy lifestyle

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How to start living a healthy lifestyle

There is no secret formula to live better and longer, but there are certain things we can do to avoid two of the leading causes of premature death: cardiovascular disease and cancer. 

How to start living a healthy lifestyle Science Based

The American Heart Association (AHA) has just launched a campaign THE SEVEN ‘SIMPLE’ TIPS FOR A HEALTHY LIFE entitled which will try to raise awareness in the American population of the importance of following seven simple habits. That can make you risk-free from getting cancer or suffer cardiovascular disease.


The campaign, which the association premiered yesterday with great fanfare, does not end on a beautiful website: it is based on one of the most far-reaching studies that have been carried out on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. 


The incidence of lifestyle in these and its relationship to cancer. Dr. Laura Rasmussen-Torvik, the author of the study, which had been previously published in the association’s scientific journal, Circulation, explained in the campaign presentation that, for the first time, we know for sure that these seven simple habits Not only do they help prevent cardiovascular disease, but they are also of tremendous importance in preventing all types of cancers. 


The doctor assures that the seven councils “can help health professionals to provide a clear and consistent message about the concrete things that people can do to take care of their health and decrease the general risk of contracting chronic diseases.”


Actions such as quitting smoking or changing diet have almost immediate effects on our health. If six or seven of the habits are met, many of them closely related, the risk of cancer or cardiovascular disease is reduced by 51% compared with those people who do not follow any of the habits. 


Although all the rules are not followed, just betting on some of them has great effects: meeting four of the rules leads to a risk reduction of 33% and meeting two to 21%.

For Rasmussen-Torvik it is never too late to change our life habits, and to follow the seven suggested tips, as there is a large body of scientific studies that show that actions such as quitting smoking or changing diet have almost immediate effects on our health.

Here’s a list how to start living a healthy below


  1. move

Everyone knows that exercise is good for health, but many people do not move. According to a survey by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) carried out last year, 24% of Spaniards do not do any type of physical activity: they do not even walk an hour a week.

According to the AHA report, just 30 minutes of moderate exercise (just a simple walk) for five days a week significantly reduces the risk of diabetes, heart attack, or stroke. Children need more exercise, at least an hour every day.

According to the American Association, exercising not only influences on a physical level, but it also reduces stress, gives us more energy and even changes our mood.


  1. Control your cholesterol

Controlling the cholesterol level is the only way to make sure that our arteries are not going to be blocked, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. According to the AHA, we should start to worry if our cholesterol level is higher than 200 mg/dl.

There are people who must be especially careful since they have a hereditary gene that makes them produce too much bad cholesterol (LDL). For them, reducing its level is a matter of life or death.

75% of the cholesterol in our blood comes from our liver and our own cells, and the remaining 25% from food. Maintaining an ad hoc diet – avoiding saturated and trans fats and promoting low cholesterol foods – is important, but it is not enough to reduce cholesterol, it is also necessary to exercise and maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Eat better

The Global Burden of Disease Study, the largest study of disease, accident, and life expectancy conducted to date, showed that diet is the risk factor causing the most deaths and disabilities in the developed world.

The AHA insists on the importance of reducing unhealthy fats, foods with a lot of cholesterol, sodium and added sugars in our diet; and prioritize foods rich in fiber and lean protein, as well as fruits and vegetables.

To achieve a healthy diet, the AHA recommends following the following guidelines:

  • Keep a journal where you write down what you eat every day.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • Eat whole foods.
  • Eat fish at least twice a week.
  • Limit the consumption of trans and saturated fats, and foods rich in cholesterol and sugar.
  • Make your diet as varied as possible by following these rules (it’s more fun and less tiring).
  1. Control your blood pressure

Having high blood pressure is the most important risk factor for heart disease. Hypertension causes our blood to flow through the arteries with too much force, affecting all of our vital organs.

When blood pressure is kept at normal levels, the effort of the heart, arteries, kidneys is reduced and, in general, it is more difficult to have cardiovascular problems.

Too high pressure can kill us without realizing it. He is a “silent killer” who can catch us off guard if we neglect our tension and that sooner or later affects almost everyone if the appropriate measures are not taken.

To keep tension at an adequate level – without resorting to medications, which in some cases are necessary in any case – one must follow a series of tips: maintain a low-salt diet, exercise regularly, avoid being overweight, manage stress, limit alcohol consumption and quit tobacco.

  1. Lose weight

All the risk factors are closely related, and if we are obese or overweight, with almost all probability, we will have other risk factors. Being fatter than we should make us have a higher risk of hypertension, cholesterol problems, and diabetes.

Obesity, however, is also an independent risk factor, which makes us have more ballots of having a cardiovascular problem, despite the fact that the rest of the indicators are correct (something, however, unlikely).

According to the AHA, if our Body Mass Index is over 25, we should start to worry, but if it is over 30, we are exposed to a significant risk of cardiovascular problems and we should lose weight as soon as possible.

  1. Lowers blood sugar level

Although diabetes is a treatable disease, and with which you can live, only the fact of having it increases to a great extent the chances of having a heart attack or a stroke, the most common cause of death for those who suffer it.

The best way to avoid being diabetic is to prevent its appearance by controlling our blood sugar level, without waiting to grow old.

Having a healthy blood sugar level (below 100 mg/dl fasting glucose) protects our vital organs and makes us live longer and better. To control the blood glucose level, follow these tips:

  • Reduce the consumption of simple sugars, present especially in soft drinks and sweets.
  • Regular exercise, which directly affects our body’s response to insulin.
  • Take the appropriate medication if we enter the risk zone.
  1. stop smoking

The AHA is clear about it: If you smoke it doesn’t matter that you stick to the other six steps, quitting cigarettes should be a priority.

Tobacco is directly related to a large number of premature deaths and in our country, it is the third risk factor in order of importance. Your lungs will notice that you have quit tobacco after the first week, and they will start to heal as soon as you quit.

Smoking damages the circulatory system increases the risk of aneurysms and coronary heart disease and encourages the appearance of blood clots. Its effects are cumulative and, not counting cancer, can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

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