homemade skin whitening

homemade skin whitening-home remedies for dry skin on legs

Homemade skin whitening

The skin whitening theme has been put into our heads once in a while. If you’re a reader, it’s because you’re looking for clearer skin. And then you came to the place indicated here I’ll show you the best tips and home remedies to clarify the skin naturally.

I asked to write this article because I have been through this process of skin whitening on many occasions, since I live near the beach and every summer I like to recover my natural skin tone. There are good products and lotions to lighten the skin, but the truth is that homemade remedies are much better.

Anyway, in this article I want to show you the 2 options, first let me share the best natural treatments for the cleansing of the face and skin that I have tried. 

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Masks to lighten the skin naturally and effectively.

The best home remedies for skin whitening are:

  • Lemon juice:

I am sure that this remedy you already know it is that it is the most popular and not for pleasure since it is highly effective, all you need to do is a mask of lemon juice , apply directly to the skin and in 20 minutes you can remove preferably with cold water.

The vitamin C and the citric acid present in the lemon make it excellent for the cellular renewal of the skin which results in the whitening of the same . As you already know it is important that you do not expose yourself to the sun while you are wearing the lemon mask and in the hours after its application since you can get the opposite effect.

  • Milk mask:

The properties of milk are also quite effective to lighten the skin , all you have to do is a bath with milk. About 2 or 3 times a week is fine, you will see results between 2 and 4 weeks depending on your skin type.

  • Apple vinager:

Apple cider vinegar is used for many beauty treatments, including the theme of recovering the natural tone of the skin. For this you should only apply the vinegar directly to the skin with the help of a cotton ball. Let stand 15 to 20 minutes and then remove with cold water.

  • Cucumber:

Cucumber is another beauty product par excellence. A good way to use it to whiten our skin is to liquefy seedless cucumber and then apply its paste to the area of ​​skin that we want to bleach, about 25 minutes will be enough to make its effect, then remove it with cold water. Its effectiveness for skin whitening is its content in essential oils and vitamin E.

Of course this will not only help you to balance the tone of your skin, but also to moisturize and maintain a smooth and beautiful skin.

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  • Aloe:

Trying to lighten the skin with aloe vera or aloe vera is very good idea also especially if you mix it with a few drops of lemon. Apply to the skin at night and in 40 minutes you can remove. This treatment has a fairly quick effect, you should apply 3 or 4 times a week.

Other home remedies to lighten the skin

Creams to whiten the skin of the face

If you are one of the girls who do not like to prepare masks or home remedies and you just want some recommendations of good creams for skin whitening, then I show you the best ones.

  •  Revitol Skin Brightener

Get brighter, lighter healthier, more glowing skin! You can have skin you’ll be proud of – skin that looks healthy, bright, light and young with Revitol Skin Brightener!  This cream kit is really effective, to whiten the skin and remove sunspots and other types of spots. It also has a protective effect against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


Revitol Skin Brightener cream
  • Type of product: Skin Brightener
  • Gender: Women
  • The Acnezine solution

This is another cream that has worked well enough to recover the natural tone of the skin. It contains a lot of vitamin C and also will be useful for wrinkles and acne.

The Acnezine solution is a revolutionary acne skin care system formulated to treat acne from the inside-out. The Acnezine Solution is not just another topical acne treatment product. It is an entire skin care management system that finds the source of your acne and not only heals the blemishes you have, but also treats future outbreaks that you don’t even see yet!

Lightening cream

  • Face whitening cream: this whitening cream can effectively reduce …
  • Moisturizing and moisturizing: do not let your pretty face and your skin become dehydrated …

I can recommend these creams because they have worked for me and some of my friends, the reality is that in the market there are a number of bleaching creams that promise to remove your stains, the vast majority do not work and also depend a lot on your type of skin, the type of spots you want to clarify, the intensity and age of it.

This is why lightening creams are difficult to recommend, hence I told you that it is better to use natural treatments that if applied consistently have better effects. I did not want to make recommendations of this type of creams, but good the game, I share the 2 that I have seen better that work among the many that I have tried.

How to lighten skin burned by the sun

The natural treatments that I mentioned above work very well for the spots caused by ultraviolet rays , but now I want to show you another especially good one and it is with egg whites.

Make a mask of egg white, you have to beat 2 or 3 eggs in a blender and when you go to bathe, after washing your skin, you apply the mask for about 15 minutes and then remove with water.

What produces the spots that we want to clarify?

The spots can be by:

  • The Sun: Without doubt the biggest cause of skin spots and then walk like crazy looking for techniques to lighten the skin.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things that a woman can live, although it has consequences such as annoying spots especially on the face.
  • Age: Age is another cause of spots usually on the face as well.
  • Acne: The pimples and pimples also often produce red spots on the skin.

Other useful tips if you want to lighten your skin

  • Food also plays an important role for the tone of your skin, one thing that can help you is to include in your diet foods rich in vitamin C and E, which can be found in lemons, oranges, tomatoes, etc. Always in moderation, remember that excess is never good.
  • Always stay well hydrated, this will not only benefit you to recover the tone of your skin but to keep it hydrated and in good condition.
  • Use sunscreen whenever you go to expose yourself to the sun.

This is all from me, if you want and you have time it would be very helpful for me if you could share this post on any of your social networks.

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