Best Teeth Whitener For Teeth Whitening

Best Teeth Whitener

Best Teeth Whitener For Teeth Whitening, What You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening?

Best Teeth Whitener:

In this post, I am going to focus on one thing, and that is helping you decide on the best teeth whitener for you. There are a lot of website and blogs that talk about teeth whitening, and I think they are largely overhyped, unbalanced and lacking any real evaluation.

So with that said I am going to give you my best teeth whitener review without all the unnecessary hype.

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People have a hard time selecting the best teeth whitener, as there are many options available and they range in price and effectiveness. Before I outline the options, plus the good and bad points, to help you make a choice, I think it is only wise to also quickly inform you of common things that may be responsible for your teeth losing their colour.

Best Teeth Whitener For Teeth Whitening

First of all, teeth naturally lose their white shine with age, so it is normal but you don’t have to put up with it just because of that. Other common culprits for staining teeth are coffee, red wine, tobacco (smoking and chewing), tea, dark-coloured food dyes that are found in confectionery such as liquorice, and other dark-coloured foods also.

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If you do partake in the above mentioned common staining agents, then limiting their intake will help prevent staining of your teeth

Best Teeth Whitener Products:

Now let’s look at the teeth whitening options. The most common method is called ‘External Bleaching’ and is what 95% of people use.

There are many forms of external bleaching, which I will explain, however, the other form of tooth whitening is ‘Internal Bleaching’, which is only used when the tooth has been root treated. This means that the blood vessels and nerves inside the tooth have been replaced with a filling, and a dye is injected inside the tooth. The is a very invasive treatment and usually only used when a person has dark coloured teeth from excessive fillings.

External Teeth Whitening:

External teeth whitening is where you place a teeth whitening gel on the outer surface of the tooth and it bleaches the external surface of the teeth, reacting with organic compounds that are staining your teeth.

This can be done either yourself at home using a teeth whitening pen, trays, or teeth whitening toothpaste. However, teeth whitening toothpaste is not that effective, as it normally doesn’t contain the bleaching agents that are required, and instead simply polished the surface.

You can also get external teeth whitening done by a dentist. This procedure is known as ‘In House’ whitening, and the results are not necessarily better, they are just usually faster because the dentist will often use lasers to speed up the process of the teeth whitening gel.

However keep in mind that this process is a lot more expensive than the best at-home teeth whitening products, and can sometimes cost up to $800!! and for what you get I personally feel it is well overpriced.

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Best Home Teeth Whitening:

The best teeth whitener in my opinion is using a simple yet effective over the counter teeth whitener. Your dentist can create moulds of your teeth and give you trays to soak your teeth in, and although this does work, the drawbacks again are price, and also they are not meant to, your gums can come into contact with the bleach which is very unpleasant, and means toxic chemicals can enter the blood.

 In addition to that, the kind of bleach used by dentists are usually strong chemicals and side effects can be unpleasant.

The best over the counter teeth whitening products, also include teeth whitening strips and gels that come with trays. The best teeth whitening trays are usually found in a local drug store, and you should get decent results using these over time. Although this approach is slightly messy and not that convenient.

However, perhaps the best teeth whitener is the home teeth whitening pen that you can apply twice a day with a simple. clean applicator, which only takes 30 sec to apply.

Best Teeth Whitener3

Idol White is a very popular choice of this type of teeth whitening kit, and for good reason. This is because the product uses completely safe and 100% natural ingredients, that has a time-released proprietary formula, which makes the teeth whitening process gradual but very effective.

What people don’t realize is that other teeth whitening systems often use strong chemicals that can be extremely harsh on the tooth enamel, which can be made worse when lasers are used. The result can be that the tooth enamel is worn away at, and this can leave teeth sensitive to hot and cold, and be most unpleasant.

Idol White however uses safe, natural ingredients that react with the stains on teeth, and work to remove them. The best thing about Idol White is that you can try the product for a limited time completely FREE!

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In summary, when choosing the best teeth whitener, there are many teeth whitening products to choose from, however, there is no need to pay for expensive dental whitening techniques when a simple and easy to use home teeth whitening system can do the trick for you, especially when you can try a product like Idol White out for free!

Whether you choose Idol White or another teeth whitening product, you will be glad you did, because there is nothing better than having a bright white smile again!

I hope this best teeth whitener article was helpful!

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