Teeth whitening at home

Teeth whitening at home

Types of dental whitening treatments

Teeth whitening at home .

This type of whitening is done at home , and is always directed by a dentist . This treatment consists of applying custom splints at home where a gel with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is applied  for a certain time. This gel that is applied to the splints is responsible for providing teeth whitening. The splints should be used 8 hours a day  approximately (the exact time or the dentist dictates) lasting approximately 3 weeksHowever, everything will depend on the level of stains on the teeth and the color that the patient wants to obtain. It is important to differentiate between this type of whitening (directed by a dentist) with home whitening or home whitening treatments and home dental whitening .

LED teeth whitening.

This type of whitening is done by the application of led light or cold light , the specialist places this light together with a gel with hydrogen peroxide base that makes the whitening of the teeth possible. This treatment is much faster and more effective since cold light speeds up the process. The duration of this treatment is  approximately one hour , and the results can be seen from the first appointment.


Combined or mixed teeth whitening.

This type of whitening combines the previous two,  in the clinic and at home . It is the most effective of all types of whitening as it adds to the effectiveness of LED whitening with the reinforcement of the use of splints at home.

Internal teeth whitening.

This type of treatment is carried out when the teeth have been stained by orthodontic treatments , such as when braces are used or as a result of endodontics. The internal whitening treatment is carried out by dental piece. With this treatment the tooth will end up acquiring the same color as the rest of the teeth. This type of whitening is more economical than the previous ones, since it is done per tooth and not in the entire denture at the same time.

What is tooth whitening?

It is a modern technique that has had a resounding success in recent years, this dental treatment is carried out by most oral specialists, aesthetic purposes and also dental cleaning . It encourages the safety of people and the way it is used is quite simple, quick and painless.

This technique is able to eliminate stains on the teeth that have been produced by the consumption of coffee, tobacco, and processed substances. Teeth whitening allows the person to have white and shiny teeth , although the average color of the teeth is not white at all, most people who undergo this treatment opt ​​for deep whitening.

In the first session you can see significant changes, it is not necessary to follow many protocols to receive this type of treatment, it is enough to talk with the dentist of trust, this will conduct a small feasibility study to start treatment.

What is the treatment?

The factors that are responsible for modifying the shade of the enamel can be external or internal , external factors are responsible for changing the color of the teeth, and internal factors modify the texture and the appearance of the denture.

Basically, the treatment consists of the discoloration of the teeth , the treatment can vary depending on each person, that is, the specialist takes into account the sensitivity of the patient’s teeth, and how white the patient wants the teeth to be. of the time required for the treatment.

It is essential that the patient take into account that tooth whitening is a process that  a collegiate dentist must perform , trying to whiten teeth with home methods can have negative results. Although there are chemicals that can whiten teeth, doing it the wrong way can have irreversible consequences , such as losing strength in the teeth due to wear and exposure to unregulated chemicals.

Do not confuse home treatments with treatments that can be done from home , treatments from home can be done either under the supervision of a specialist or with whitening products professional and approved.

The dentist is in charge of selecting the whitening technique that best adapts to the denture of the patient, also is responsible for verifying that the results are positive.

Generally, this treatment is painless, however, in some people with a lot of sensitivity may feel discomfort . In case of presenting some discomfort the specialist can eradicate it by means of treatments based on toothpastes and mouthwashes.

Keep in mind that the whitening process has expiration, with the passage of time the teeth can return to their original color , they can also be stained with coffee or tobacco. Once the treatment has been started, the possible incidents that contribute to staining the teeth should be avoided. Profitable results can be obtained for many years if proper care is maintained.


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