Teeth whitening-May be you don’t know about this.

Teeth whitening
A good smile means many things. Among them, it represents health, well-being, cleaning habits and can give you great confidence when speaking. However, our teeth can be affected by multiple factors that prevent a really white tone in them. Therefore, teeth whitening becomes one of the best ways to get that perfect smile we want so much. There are different methods of tooth whitening , which we explain in depth on this page.

Tooth whitening is an aesthetic treatment with an affordable cost that aims to eliminate external stains of teeth, caused by poor oral hygiene or the action of snuff and other substances present in our diet. It is completely safeand, if good hygiene habits are maintained, in principle it should be prolonged for years without the need to repeat the treatment.

There are several types of teeth whitening, although all are based on the use of so-called whitening agents . Normally, these agents are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, which are part of the gel that must be applied to the teeth. This gel manages to clear the teeth reaching the dentine , without affecting your health negatively.

How long does tooth whitening last?

The duration of tooth whitening depends mainly on our dental hygiene habits , as well as what we eat or drink. The normal thing is that at least it lasts at least two years , although it can be prolonged depending on how the patient is cared for. The results of this treatment last less time in the case of patients who smoke or who drink a lot of coffee .


  • Having whiter teeth is associated with beauty and a healthy lifestyle . When people have a brighter smile, they tend to smile more often  and be less uncomfortable interacting with people.
  •  It is affordable  for its price and simplicity. Teeth whitening has become one of the favorite ways to improve appearance by being so quick and affordable. The patient can change his appearance a lot with a simple procedure of teeth whitening.
  •  Improves one’s attractiveness and benefits interpersonal relationships. It is normal for us to find it more attractive to kiss a person with white teeth and not yellow teeth.
  •  It improves the appearance remarkably . No doubt, it is a way to improve one’s appearance and this is mainly the reason why people usually have their teeth whitened and why teeth whitening has become popular in 21st century people. Have a nice smile now it is within reach of anyone who wants it.
  • A whiter smile tends to minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles, giving way to a more youthful and energetic appearance .


What is the best tooth whitening? There are several types of whitening, each with its pros and cons, and with a different price. Here we show you the main types of teeth whitening:


For whitening carried out at home there are two basic types of treatments , those that are through a whitening kit and those that are using a whitening toothpaste. The whitening treatments at home have a great disadvantage and that is that the results are noticed in a slow way , being able to become imperceptible depending on factors such as the feeding of the individual.

  • The  whitening kits  for normal have a standard splint and some whitening gel, and its application is really simple. Placing a little whitening gel on your teeth and then placing the splint on the teeth for a few hours, is how this treatment is applied.
  • The whitening toothpaste , is a really accessible product that will help in the process of whitening your teeth, but this is due to have a regular use . In addition, the results come in the long term.


Dealing with a professional will always be one of the best and fastest ways to achieve optimal teeth whitening, with the guarantee of obtaining quality results . Basically, there are two types of teeth whitening, which we will see below. One of the main benefits of these treatments is that they are supervised by oral health professionals , which guarantees good results. You can see results much more obvious and faster than home.

  •  Internal whitening : It will be working from the nerve , since this treatment is applied when a nerve is affected and therefore you can notice a darkening of the teeth. The treatment consists of employing a technique by which the whitening product is introduced into the tooth .
  •  Laser whitening : This is one of the best methods to perform whitening effectively. It is painless, fast and results instantly . It consists of coating the teeth with a gel to subsequently shoot with the laser or LED light on the gel.


The combined treatments are those that go hand in hand with the health professional and the care that the patientmust have at home , so they are a mixture of the previous two.

  •  Splints : Dental splints must be customized by the dental health professional, made to your needs. Once having this splint, it should be applied at home a bleaching gel with carbamide peroxide, which will be providing a perfect whitening teeth.
  •  Mixed teeth whitening with photoactivation:  This is another treatment that must be performed combining the action of the professional, making use of photoactivation techniques (this can only be carried out by a dental health professional). It should go hand in hand with home care by means of bleaching gels.