9 Amazing Weight Loss Tips From A Reddit User

9 Amazing Weight Loss Tips From A Reddit User

9 Amazing Weight Loss Tips From A Reddit User

Today, we will share with you 9 amazing weight loss tips that can change your life.we have talked and discussed with a Reddit user who successfully lost 60 pounds. She has shared her weight loss journey and the tips she personally used and followed to get fit. Now read below her own voice of speech what she shares with us. 

Now she is telling… 

Let’s get into the tips so that you guys can start losing weight.  I’m wearing a – top just for all you People that think I’m naked just, so you know honestly like I’m kind of being a hypocrite now because I chose to eat a chocolate bar like not even ten minutes ago.


1. Drink plenty of water.

The first tip I have for you guys is to drink water. That is the most important step. If you don’t change your eating habits and you just start drinking water and not drinking like pop and juice and everything oh my god you lose so much weight. Your body actually confuses thirst for hunger so sometimes if I notice. like I’m randomly hungry even though I just eat like a ton of food.I’ll drink like a big glass of water. MY hunger will go away because I was just really thirsty when I started drinking water and stopped drinking pop. I noticed I just felt really good. I never realized how thirsty I felt all the time and how I never felt refreshed is because I never drank water. when you drink coke and juice it just makes you so thirsty. when you drink your calories that is the most fattening part of your diet and juice believe it or not juice

actually contains the same amount of sugar as coke like when you eat fruit if you had an apple it’s healthy for you to eat that one Apple in one sitting but if you eat six like there are probably six or seven apples in that one cup of juice. It’s just too much. Whenever I got a craving to drink something else other than water I would just put lemons or limes.


I would drink a lot of green tea. Honestly, any tea is good as long as there’s no sugar and milk added. I only drink one sugary drink a day and that’s my coffee in the morning because I love my french vanilla coffees and I’ll never give that up but for the rest of the day. All I drink is water, Another good thing too about water is if you drink a full glass of water before your meals and when you wake up in the morning it actually boosts your metabolism. Hot water reduces your appetite. so if you drink hot water or tea before or after your meal it’s gonna make you hot.


2. Eat until you’re satisfied.

Eat as much which goes onto my second tip. Actually eat until you’re satisfied because it actually takes your body I think like 20 minutes to let your brain know that you’re full and it was weird. At first, I still wanted to eat more but when I got to that point, I would drink a big cup of green tea and so then while I was drinking the tea, it was reducing my appetite, and then by the time I have finished the tea. I wasn’t hungry anymore. If you eat until you’re full, you’re actually gonna be overeating and stretching out your stomach.


3.Swap out your white bread

Okay so step number three is to swap out your white bread white pasta white rice for whole-grain and I know it’s kind of shit I have a girl, I loved or boy I loved my white bread. I actually don’t fuck with white bread anymore. I haven’t eaten white bread in so long except for when I’m eating pizza.


so I just googled why it’s bad because I know it’s good for you to switch but I just don’t really know the scientific reason behind it wholemeal flour is made from whole wheat grains while white flour is made only from the central part of the grain. So I guess they use two different flours. Well, I never actually knew the reason. Why you eat whole grain is because your body’s going to take a lot of time to digest it, which makes you full longer.


4.start eating on a smaller plate

The next tip is to start eating on a smaller plate. Honestly, this tricks your brains but if you start eating on a smaller plate, you’re actually gonna take less food and avoid overeating. The next step is, eat spicy food I actually never did this until recently because I just don’t fuck with spicy food but now I do but spicy food contains throughout what it’s called capsaicin which boosts your metabolism and actually reduces hunger. So for all of these spicy food lovers out there eat more chili, eat jalapenos all of that and it will make you lose weight.


5. Buy yourself.

Okay, the next tip is if you don’t buy it you’re not gonna eat it. I don’t buy chocolates, I don’t buy white bread, I just don’t buy food that I know I shouldn’t be eating,  I just literally have my whole kitchen. It’s just all healthy food because I know, if I buy it I’m gonna eat it. My grandparents actually brought me a huge chocolate bar from England and I was so tempted, I ate it in two days. It was big. It was two pounds of chocolate and I ate the whole damn thing. How can you go on living?  if you know there’s a huge chocolate bar in your cupboard. It’s just to buy healthy food when you go out.


If you’re craving chocolate, go out, buy yourself a chocolate bar and then come home and eat it. But I mean don’t buy things that you’re gonna eat later like ice cream, honestly, it’s so tempting and if you just don’t have it, you ain’t gonna eat it, you’re gonna have to go out of your house to buy and eat it and Honestly it’s so much work, you’re just gonna eat the healthy shit in your kitchen.


6. Keep pictures of what you want to look

Okay, so the next step is to keep pictures of what you want to look at or your past self on your phone wallpaper, pictures on your desktop. Just kind of keep reminding yourself of your goal and where you want to be. Actually I keep some pictures of Victoria’s Secret models on my phone and I’d look them when I would feel discouraged, unmotivated myself. Now, what’s my body? I want to look like Victoria’s Secret model. My body type just isn’t like theirs. I mean it really motivated me. once I got to like the weight that I am now. I was just so proud of my body and like how much I achieved. I didn’t care that I didn’t look like them. I was just using them as motivation so I was like oh my god they’re so confident. They’re so beautiful that’s what I want to look at.


7.Weigh yourself once a week

The next step is to weigh yourself once a week. Don’t weigh yourself every day because you’re gonna get discouraged. So your weight kind of goes up and down throughout the day, one day you might be like losing weight the next day you might have gained like four pounds. Honestly just weigh yourself once a week in the morning before you eat or drink anything with no clothes on. I always chose Wednesdays because that was just the middle of the week because honestly there are other factors. If you’re drinking a lot of salt, your body might retain more water which might make you gain more weight. so don’t feel discouraged just weigh yourself once a week and you’ll notice you know you’re on track.


 8. Do cardio and weight lifts

The next step, do cardio and weight lifts. Honestly ladies this is for your building muscle is gonna make your metabolism higher when you’re resting and when you’re losing weight. Especially if you’re losing a lot of weight, trust exercising, and trying to tone your body is going to reduce. The next step is whenever I’m not motivated to work out.


I’ll always think, is Khloe Kardashian working out, is Beyonce working out Victoria’s Secret model working out? and the answer is probably, yes. Snapchat always confirms it. Though I’m always just like k if they can struggle if they can look bombers, fuck I’m gonna struggle too. And just do it, don’t ever think of it as an isolated hobby,  because there’s a shit ton of other people working out and struggling at the same motherfucking time as you so that’s that always motivates me.


9. Don’t die, change your lifestyle.

Okay, so the most important step is, don’t die yet. Guys change your lifestyle because trust me once you get going you’re never gonna want to go back. I eat healthily and I do exercise and I feel so good that I just would never want to go back to like how I was before. The reason why models and athletes look the way they do compare to normal everyday people is that their lifestyles are so different from ours.


They eat differently, they exercise a shit-ton and that’s why their bodies look the way they do. If you want your body to look a certain way, you need to change your lifestyle. Because your body is a symptom of what your habits are. So if you choose to eat really unhealthy and not exercise your body’s gonna look like that and it’s a slow change that happens. So if you start eating healthy and exercising, trust me even if it takes a long time,  it’s gonna change you and your bodies gonna look so good.


I didn’t do all these stupid Instagram types like detox to fit me, T’s waist trainers I don’t give a fuck what anyone says. It will not work in the long run, yes. It might make you slimmer but it’s not healthy and it’s not gonna stay off trainers might make you look smaller because it’s a corset but I mean why don’t you just fucking get a smaller waist instead of just trying to fake a smaller waist. So don’t buy into all this type, it’s actually ridiculous. How greedy people are for money! Feel… People should just be sharing healthy ideas. So we can all be healthy together instead of trying to like fucking laxative teas and shit I’m gonna tell you guys right now. I never paid a penny to anyone. I don’t even go to the gym. I exercise and ship, I didn’t pay gym membership.


I was broke as fuck weight loss isn’t a quick fix, it took me a full year to like lose 60 pounds. The whole point of me sharing this tips with you is, I want to change someone’s perspective on dieting and healthy eating because honestly guys if I can do it and I love my food, I love my chocolate. You can do it. I think it’s something that’s really important to me because I’ve been there. I know how it feels to feel so unattractive and feel like you don’t have any control over your body. Well let me tell you today you do and if you follow these tips I promise you, you will start seeing motherfucking results and you can say bye-bye to all those bitches who maybe talked behind your back who make you feel like shit and you’ll feel better about yourself and gain confidence.

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I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope it’s kind of open your mind up, on how I’ve lost weight and how you can lose weight. Pls, comment below if you have any questions?

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