Home remedies to gain weight

Home remedies to gain weight:

Generally, we always give weight loss advice, which is the concern of many people. On the other hand, we also do not want to neglect people who are extremely thin and who intend to increase their weight. Achieving your goal it is not worth feeding in any way. So, the easiest would be to eat industrial and sweet buns, but it would not be the healthiest method. That’s why today we present a few home remedies to gain weight.

1. Prepare smoothies or drinks with high-calorie products, such as milk and bananas. The mixture of both will allow us to enjoy a drink rich in vitamins, nutrients and healthy fats, ideal for weight gain. At the time of sweetening the smoothie, instead of pouring a spoonful of white sugar we will opt for a more natural solution such as honey.

2. The nuts should not be lacking in the diet of a person wishing to gain weight. They will allow us to gain weight in a natural way and without jeopardizing our health at any time. If you have to opt for a specific one, nuts are the ones that stand out, especially because they fill us with calories and have many good fats, as well as nutrients and healthy vitamins for the body.

3.Fruits: The fruit, which is the great ally of those people who want to lose weight, will also help those who want to gain weight naturally. But not all will serve us. The one that stands out for the important number of calories is the coconut, which for every 100 grams gives us about 230 kcal. A similar proportion of calories will provide us with the date, which will be ideal for stimulating the appetite. Other vegetables that we should not discard are grapes or avocado.

4. The fenugreek is another alternative we found, that is a seed that has very estrogen-like properties. It will allow us to increase the volume of the buttocks and chest, also reducing cholesterol and balancing the sugar. It can be purchased in tablets or prepare infusions from the seeds. Just take a couple of cups a day. Just boil the water and let it cook all together for ten minutes.

5. The dandelion allows us to increase appetite, so it is very interesting for those who intend to gain a few kilos. The reason for this is that having a bitter taste stimulates the flow of bile. To take effect the power of this plant is necessary to take it at least three times a day and one of the fasting.

But in addition to food, we must also attach greater importance to physical activity. There are exercises that are designed to increase muscle mass. But for this, it is necessary that you also incorporate cardiovascular activities so that a certain imbalance does not occur. If you have any doubt, you can consult with the gym monitor to advise you and propose a plan according to your objectives. Weights could be very useful.

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