How to gain more weight

How to gain more weight

Do you know that? Soon it will finally be in the long-awaited vacation, the coast and the beach. But after a Figurcheck in swimming trunks or bikini is characterized mainly sharp bones, which does not give a nice figure. The fellow travelers will make fun of one, which will probably be mainly due to the scrawny body contours that bring a rickety silhouette to light. Of course, a change has to come, you have to increase fast!

Regardless of whether you’re actually going on vacation, another occasion is coming up, or you just want to gain weight a bit faster, with a few extra pounds on the ribs, your body image will look much better.Ladies with light curves are just as much more personable and feminine over, while men give a few muscles a healthy and strong appearance.

This article is a slightly longer one that gives you tips on how to speed up.

Fast growth made easy – what am I doing wrong?

No more fast food to increase fastNo more fast food to increase fast People with underweight, the so-called hardgainers, often find it difficult to gain weight quickly despite the intake of large amounts of food. But before you go to follow the tips below, you should have a quick check-up with the doctor. Because you may have a physical ailment such as the overactive thyroid, which makes it almost impossible for you to gain even one kilogram.

When you are growing, it is important to pay attention to your health. Many hard gainers make a mistake by simply eating enough junk food once a week, such as hamburgers, burgers, French fries and the like. However, they spend the rest of the week eating too little or not at all. That’s why, the effect, in this case, is that there is no rapid increase in weight. Apart from that, such eating habits are not very healthy and in no way contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Even the excessive consumption of various types of chocolate can not lead to quick success. If you already want to enjoy chocolate, then remember that strong cocoa-containing varieties are healthier than the other types of chocolate. However, to achieve quick and lasting success, eating habits should be investigated and quickly changed.

If the doctor has given the green light because the underweight is not due to a thyroid malfunction or stomach and bowel disease, then your thin silhouette is probably genetic. Because the human body reacts differently in the utilization of the food. Some people can use food quickly and well while others struggle with it. Since you do not gain weight fast, you probably belong to the bad food recyclers.

How does fast yet healthy growth work?

The main requirement for being able to increase quickly is the targeted intake of calories. However, it should be paid to a sensible composition of the food, because you want to increase quickly, but of course, also stay healthy. The base of your food is, therefore, a carbohydrate-rich, protein-rich diet that contains healthy fats that can be used by the body.

Fast increase through proper nutritionFast increase through proper nutrition Incidentally, high-quality fats are the best suppliers for a significant increase in energy. Therefore, you can during the gain in weight here vigorously. You can confidently increase the amount of fat from previously 30 to 35 percent a day by 20 percent. An example of a carbohydrate-rich meal with plenty of high-quality fats and protein is a plate of pasta with a tasty tomato sauce. You can refine the sauce with two tablespoons of high-quality olive oil. This automatically gives you an extra helping of calories.

You can cover the protein requirement with fresh meat, fish and milk products without any problems. For example, how about a tasty bolognese sauce made with fresh hack? If you are vegetarian or vegetarian, you can of course also take meat substitutes such as tofu.

The best conditions to increase quickly are

  • healthy physical condition – exclusion of disease by a doctor
  • permanent excess of calories through healthy and high-quality food
  • physical activity
  • Strength training is best for gaining weight


Know your needs to increase fast

An important aspect of weight loss is your energy balance. If you consume more energy than your supply, you automatically lose weight. In order to gain weight fast as well as healthy, you must, therefore, know your daily basal metabolic rate. In women, the basal metabolic rate is about 1500 kilocalories per day. Men usually have higher basic sales, which is at or above 2000 kilocalories. Exactly how high the basal metabolic rate depends on different factors such as height, weight, age, and gender.

Daytime activities such as running, cycling, strength training or similar sports help increase sales by calories burned. With one hour of running, depending on how fast you walk, that can be between 200 and 400 calories, which you can absorb more that day. In one hour of weightlifting, there are between 200 and 300 calories, depending on the severity of the exercises. For example, you can calculate your personal values here.

By the way: In order to increase fast, you should do without endurance sports and prefer a sport based on strength training to gain muscle. This allows you to force the weight gain a bit more and at the same time improve your appearance quickly and effectively.

Fast increase: The first kilo

The energy needs of each individual person can be quite different. It also depends on physical activities during the day, as shown above. But with reference values, ​​it is easy to calculate how high your personal energy requirements are. Those who are interested in gaining weight quickly, effectively and above all in the long term should be aware of their personal additional needs.

Fast Rising - My 10 Tips for You7,000 kilocalories extra will cause you to gain one kilogram of weight!

First of all, each individual can follow a rule of thumb. This states that it is necessary to take in addition to the above-calculated basal metabolic rate 7000 calories extra to gain a kilogram of body weight. Of course, this is not possible in one day. If your goal is already very close and you want to gain a kilo within two weeks, for example, then you will need an energy surplus of 500 kilocalories a day. For fast-growing women need about 2000 kilocalories, men 2500 kilocalories per day. But remember, these are just guidelines, so be sure to calculate your personal needs.

Most importantly, after the first signs of weight gain, you do not immediately forget all good intentions and return to old habits, because that would immediately have the opposite effect. The pounds gained once to take some time to establish themselves in your body. Until then, it must be maintained, so that the achieved weight gain persists sustainably.

This Ten tips for you to gain weight 

Tip 1: Nurture yourself well

Make sure you eat all the essentials during the day. For example, on one hand, fruits and vegetables are low in energy, yet they promote your vital functions through their amount of minerals and important vitamins. In addition, you need high-carbohydrate foods such as pasta, rice, potatoes, whole grains, dairy and dairy products that have a high percentage of fat. You should remember to take no light products to you, as they are counterproductive in the rapid increase.

Tip 2: Plan small meals a day

It would be best if you eat a small meal every two or three hours throughout the day. The advantage is obvious: you ensure that you achieve a high energy density, which is always maintained. You can also eat fruit slices, nuts or cream yogurt in between. These are optimally against the small hunger and fit in every pocket. If you do not feel hungry, serve yourself one of your favorite foods more often. This will make you automatically eat more food.

Tip 3: Vary your recipes

Anyway, different recipes stimulate the appeal of wanting to eat something. Spice up your food with fresh herbs according to your taste, which stimulates the appetite. You should also always keep delicious nibbles near you. Why do not you just put your favorite nibbles on the living room table to watch TV? Also popular with walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds.

Tip 4: Use plenty of healthy oil

From now on you can use a lot of healthy fats in the kitchen. Olive oil, sunflower oil or other high-quality oils enrich our recipes by supplying the body with vital substances. In addition, fresh fish such as herring, salmon or other delicious varieties contains plus in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. When cooking you do not need to save with the oil, you can still stir one to two tablespoons more oil in the sauce.

Tip 5: Delicious food – healthy and fresh

Make sure you eat healthily, it’s best to eat fresh food. Less healthy are foods that come out of the can, for example. Because this was treated many times during processing, so important vitamins and other vital substances were withdrawn. As a rule of thumb, you can realize that eating an apple in between is better than having a greasy burger or a canned meal. Even freshly prepared salads not only taste delicious but contain many important building and minerals, which the body desperately needs to live. With the right amount of olive oil, you turn your salad into a high-calorie, high-quality meal.

Tip 6: Give yourself an energy kick in the morning

If you are not necessarily thirsty, you should still drink plenty. For the energy intake, fruit juices, cocoa with whole milk as well as milk mix drinks are particularly well suited. You refine your morning coffee or tea without further ado with some cream and one or two pieces of glucose. They contain significantly more calories than conventional sugar. This will give you already in the morning a plus in energy.

Tip # 7: Fast Rising – Use Strength Training Properly

Many people overlook that appetite comes after sports. Anyone who has worked intensively for an hour or two will experience a real hunger hype sometime later. This mechanism is also related to the fact that after exercise, the body simply needs certain foods to build muscle. The sport and the appetite are thus mutual amplifiers. Those who do a lot of sports eat a lot, which gives the body fresh energy to do more. Whether men or women, both sexes should train for weight gain with weights, I recommend you to do weight training. If you are a beginner, you can start a workout three times a week, starting with small weights, which you gradually increase in the following years.

Tip 8: After a short time – Training conversion

If you have been training for a few days and have changed your diet, you can easily vary your habits a bit. For example, it may be advisable to increase the training workload. As your basal metabolism also increases by 100 to 200 kilocalories per day for a short time, you can adjust your diet accordingly. Continue to focus on a healthy and high-calorie diet. Avoid unhealthy foods like too much chocolate, greasy foods, oils that contain unhealthy fatty acids, and the like. These contain empty carbohydrates, which are not likely to increase fast, improve your health and increase your well-being.

Tip 9: Restrict certain sports

If you frequently go swimming, do a lot of cycling or like to run a lap, you should consider limiting these sports a little during the first phase of weight gain. Fast sports cause many calories to be burned, which counteracts a successful build-up of weight. If you have built up a good weight permanently by changing your diet, you can slowly start to do your fast sports a bit more without having to worry about losing weight too much. Make sure that you do not overdo it.

Tip 10: Increase motivation

It’s best to look for someone who pervades the transition with you. Because together it makes it more fun to train and to try delicious recipes than alone. In addition, you can then spur each other on to even better ideas. If you do not find anyone who participates in the program with you, then talk to your fitness trainer about your success from time to time. In addition, in a fitness center, you can have your body fat measured from time to time and note your body size. Through the interest of your trainer in your success, you can also spur yourself on even more achievements.


It’s not that hard to get a few pounds fast. It is important that you take the right foods as well as choose the right sport for you. By changing your diet times and habits, you can achieve a fast and lasting success in gaining weight. So you look forward to the coming beach vacation or any other opportunity to shine with more muscle and a beautiful silhouette with serenity.

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